Jan 7, 2015

Geraldo Rivera: So Sorry for the Loss of Your Older Brother Willie

Geraldo Rivera, brilliant news talk show host, told us today about the loss of his older brother, Willie.

Geraldo's show on WABC New York Radio 77 from 10 to 12 every week day morning........Geraldo always, always, always has compassion for his guests if he agrees or disagrees with their views--always lets them talk and say their opinion.

Willie passed away this morning from a long fight with heart disease and cancer.

So sorry for your loss, Geraldo, and also to your family and your 95 year old mom--to your radio family, too--may Jesus be with all of you on this sad day.

Appreciate your compassion and interest in people, Geraldo, and the ronnie republic would like to extend our thoughts to you at this sad time.

Noam Laden always does a good job anchoring the radio microphone when the host is not there but the he was later joined by Curtis Sliwa who is usually joined by Ron Kuby for their own show at noon.

Curtis and Noam continued the conversation started be Geraldo before he left a little early today to join his family.  They talked about the police issues in New York City concerning the mayor, the police commissioner  and the issues of safety concerning the citizens and the officers, themselves.

WABC is lucky to have Geraldo Rivera in its stable of news talk show hosts.  He runs an excellent show......always listening to the radio, Geraldo has the ability to run an interesting show, inform the listeners, tell the people the important international and national news of the day and let the people talk.....this is highly unusual in talk radio today.  Geraldo is not afraid of ideas different from his own--Republican or Democrat.

Thanks, Geraldo, for consistently doing a good job and caring about people and their trials and tribulations.

Prayers and thoughts with you on this very hard day.

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