Jan 27, 2015

from Jig Saw Jam: how to do the puzzle fast

Yesterday's Comments
dkmGames: Should I increase the fit tolerance for challenges? It is currently fixed at 5 (max = 20).
bambi: what is going on this wont load either!
annlacko: I think it could be slightly increased. Since I don't see numbers, just a sliding bar to adjust fit tolerance, I would say 7 or 8 (centered under the black little square with the back color selections).
bambi: finally was able to open the puzzles. Many thanks
foobar: Should you make pieces snap together more easily? No. I think the current level of challenge is fine. I think if you made it easier there would be more rejected sub 4 minute times.
akimbo: I thought it was on my end. I almost always (on the challenges) have to click a piece into position multiple times to get it to attach to the puzzle.
LThomson: Seems like the current level is fine.
artanis: If people are finishing this puzzle at 5 minutes, then I think the tolerance is fine. I too sometimes have to click a couple of times, but I don't waste time trying to get them in. Instead I go to the next piece and since the puzzle jumps a little with every connection, they sometimes go in by themselves. If not, I nudge them in at the end. But then again, I'm NOT a big finisher! :)
WB8FBG: where was the picture taken, please.
katshe: I'd love to see the tolerance upped a little. Thank you, dkmGames, for being on top of things and also for reading our comments! Whether you decide to change settings or not, being heard is much appreciated.
peardrop: I've done puzzles for more years than I want to remember. I don't possible see how someone does these in 5 minutes. H---, I can't even find the edges in that amount of time. And the "Edges" click doesn't work. I'm never out of the +150 finished range. Not complaining, I do enjoy doing them. I just can't figure out these folks who do it in the 15 minutes or so range. Happy Monday, peardrop
Alain: Il est vrai que d'être entendu est bien. Je pense qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'augmenter la tolérance. J'ai un petit truc pour ceux qui veulent baisser leur temps. Ne placer pas la dernière pièce et recommencer le puzzle, en faisant cela plusieurs fois on peut gagner 4 à 5 minutes, en effet notre cerveau s'habitue aux formes et couleurs des pièces, même si la main reste imprécise.
Google Translate :
It is true that to be heard is good. I think it is not necessary to increase tolerance. I have a little something for those who want to lower their time. Do not place the last piece and start the puzzle, doing this several times you can earn 4 to 5 minutes, in fact our brain gets used to the colors and shapes of the parts, even if the hand remains unclear.
martha: I would like you to increase tolerance. It's frustrating when you know a piece goes somewhere and you have to click several times to get it on. I often arrange pieces and I would lose those pieces that were difficult to fit.
Sharona: The people who complete the puzzles under 5 minutes very likely train on the puzzle before actually completing it to the last piece. Having said that, the speed of completion also depends on the technology used. My brother has a sensitive touch screen, since he got his ipad his times are so much faster.
Sharona: i am in favour of increasing the tolerance a bit. Let's give it a two week trial, and see what people think. Liek Martha, I have to re-click several times sometimes.

dkmGames, I made a suggestions a few days ago that the comments page will be accessible by clicking on a link, so if someone comments on the mystery, this does not ruin the surprise for others; some people obviously feel very passionately about this.
hebebear: Nice puzzle I sent in from a trip to Belgium some years ago. The netting made it into a much more interesting puzzle that it at first seemed.
Sharona: Beautiful photo for the challenge!
tribble: Derek, what happened to the note you added to the comment section about not spoiling the mystery puzzle? It was there for some time but it is gone now, it seemed to do the trick for stopping the spoilers!
As for people who practice the challenge puzzle and click the back button before the last piece is put in, is there a way to make it so we can't restart the challenge?
tsii: I think a slight increase in tolerance will work. Right now, tablet users have a great advantage. Perhaps would be interesting to post next to the time if the time was done using the app (so tablet was used). Would be interesting statistic. 
toots: Maybe there should be an "auto" finish for the last 3 - 5 pieces. The people who are going back would be THWARTED---HAHAHAHA ARH!

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