Aug 4, 2014

The Rick Baker Radio Show Sunday Nights: Where in the world is Rick Baker

from the ronnie republic radio round-up.......

Update:   August 4, 2014

Just wondering if anyone out there has any information about the Rick Baker Radio Show.  Really enjoyed it and I wonder if it will be on again at a later date.

True crime is an interesting hobby and radio listening.  There are so many people out there that are very concerned and saddened by the events that took place around the McStay family.  

The lady who wanted to place a memorial bench in San Clemente was truly inspirational.  She talked about the family with kindness and respect.  

Perhaps the individual, Gray Hughes, would be interested in doing a show like Rick's.  I bet people would listen and call in.  It would be interesting to hear a detective like Mark Furhman, or really, any experienced law enforcement that  works on this type of case, give us his or her take on things.

I just think it is real good radio to find out what makes the police tick--we love to criticize but we are lost without them.

Good show--hope to see or hear it again soon or one like it.

Does any one out there know the story of Rick Baker and the reward money--that would be a fun aspect to explore, as well.

Also, would love to hear the original interview or a new interview with Mountain Mist.

Comments welcome.....agree or disagree.

sat. update:  Mountain Mist will be a guest at a later date.....please keep checking rick's blog for comments and the latest on the Sunday

copied from Rick's website:

The Justice For The McStay Show – NOW, More Than Ever

After last night's CNN failure of the McStays, this show is needed now more than ever.

If the national network is afraid to ask the tough questions of the players in this case, what hope do the rest of us have? CNN should be ashamed.

We must keep this case in the news, the public's eye. Joey and his family deserve this and I am sure he would have done it for any one of us.

Listening carefully to the SBSD Sheriff, I got the feeling that he is not expecting this case to be solved anytime soon.

Someone knows what happened. Someone needs to talk. Let's keep Joey and his family front and center.

The show is not about me. I want to here from you. I will take unlimited callers for each two-hour show and you will be able to talk with the guests I bring on.

July 6 inaugural show: Special Guest is Mountain Misst, Forensic Astrologist
(Second hour discussion about CNN show)

I appreciate those of you who have offered to advertise or offset expenses for the show, but I've got this. Thanks again.

Every Sunday night from 7-9pm EST on BlogTalk radio. Here is the LINK

Here is a link to the radio show Sunday Evening of Rick Baker talking about the McStay family:

here is a link to the blog spot of rick g baker:

About The Author

Rick Baker is a former newspaper publisher and investigative journalist who has spent the past three years on the volatile McStay case. He has written two other books: I Never Knew You and Tears of a Father, both available as a free Ebook download here. While his gunslinger approach to writing has always raised eyebrows, he remains true to his purpose: forcing his readers to own their opinions. Rick lives with his wife and their four, four-legged kids, high up in the Carolina mountains.

Rick, with his wife, Becky

Rick, with his wife, Becky

Rick Baker has been talking about the McStay family for a very long time, now......not to mention he has also written a book about the case.

He has a very popular blog about this mysterious case and now he has a radio show, too.

See the links above to go to the sites.

Good work, Rick and thank you for your very informative blog.......I have been following you from the beginning.

Can't wait to hear your show on Sunday Evening.....good luck with your show and thank you for your hard work and keeping us all
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George Noory and His Right Wing Radio Show

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...
What would the aliens think of George Noory's one-sided political agenda

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I love George Noory.

I love his show--love Coast to Coast AM--listen to it every night on the radio.

It is a real good part of my life--solves the sleeping problem and provides peace and quiet.

But why does George have to only allow right wing--ultra right wing news commentary.

Certainly George is entitled to his own political opinion--we all are--but why does he think his listeners are all in agreement with his ultra-Republican ideologies.

George--your political ideas are offensive to me.

Seriously, I don't mind World Net Daily guru Jerome Corsi commenting on the news from his way right one-sided approach, but my goodness, how about the opposite view once in a while.......

It's an enigma.........

Right, the show is all about UFOs, weird things, space ships, secret organizations and your basic sub-sea, underwater spaceship landing port.

I love a good conspiracy as well as the next radio listener that can't get to sleep in the middle of the night--it's new, odd and different we are open to everything strange and surgeons really are taking intergalactic implants out of people in your basic community hospital on a regular basis and no one says anything about it....right, it goes to the lab.

Sure, I'm for all of that....

But couldn't we have a more middle of the road or varied view on politics.  Is Jerome Corsi the only view on Israel and the Middle East conflict.

Isn't George from Middle-Eastern descent?

Isn't this suppose to be a progressive show.

Always thinking the show serves a brilliant purpose in letting the average listener talk without ridicule--we need more of that in this world--I admire George for that.  I think he has helped a lot of people.

But please George--let's acquire a larger world view on politics--we are not all cut from the same mold.  I bet you can find different opinions--or are you purposely only trying to promote your own point of view--your own take on world actions that you feel is correct.

Gee, George....what would the Aliens say......Hmmmmm.......tolerance.

Wouldn't that be more international, other-worldly and spaceship-ish........

I'm telling Art Bell

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever and big fan of our brilliant President, Barack Obama