May 24, 2014

The Show Went to The Dogs from the Surrey SPCA Adopt-A-Pet

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Beautiful Liza: Royal Albert Hall--We'll Have a Drink at The Ritz Before The Show

London, Royal Albert Hall interior
London, Royal Albert Hall interior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
London's Royal Albert Hall
London's Royal Albert Hall (Photo credit: Nick Kenrick .)

Someone's pretty...........

Will you join me this summer in London for the privilege of seeing Liza at the Royal Albert Hall...........shall we have a drink before the show........

at the Ritz--the Rivoli Bar......

or shall we purchase the VIP tickets for dinner and drinks at the Royal Albert before the show........

or should we do both.......

Well, what do you think?

Well, right now it seems like the beautiful Miss Liza Minnelli might be just a touch under the weather so............

of course, we well not cancel our trip or anything like that but we will look at what other shows are there.....everyone always loves the theater.......and we will make our final decision on entertainment as time necessitates.

We will see Liza as soon as she feels a little bit better.

Well, the upshot is--we may have to make two trips to London.

Now, what are your thoughts on what show to see and when--do you like Shakespeare, at all?

Let's have our tea as we make the final plans for our trip, now--where would you like to have tea--what's your best suggestion?
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Geraldo Rivera's OJ Simpspn Show on CNBC: One of the Best OJ Shows Out There

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera featured in the ronnie republic
O.J. SIMPSON MURDERS at 20 YEARS, reported by Geraldo Rivera
Airing Saturday @10pm est and Monday night @9pm est this Memorial Day Weekend on Fox News Channel.

Watching all of the news and all of the OJ Simpson shows, it did not take long to realize Geraldo's nightly CNBC show was one of the best OJ daily round-ups out there.

Chloe Louise Geraldo, you had one of the best OJ shows on television.....I know because I watched it every night......yes, I have been watching the news forever and I still watching and writing about talk radio and the ronnie re

here is a link to the webpage for more show information:

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Pit Bulls at The Dog Park: It's a Loaded Gun Sich

Pit Bulls at The Dog Park:  It's a Loaded Gun Situation

21 hrs via iOS 

A dog is not a trend. It is a life. It is not cool to have a pitbull or a particular breed because you want to be in. Dogs take work, money, and time and if you don't have it don't get one. I am tired of seeing all these unwanted pets put down because you wanted to be cool. Fix you pet dammit. Adopt don't procreate. And above all this life MATTERS

copied and inspiration from the facebook of Marty Bragg.......

Chloe Louise 

Ronnie and I like this a lot...........since I have had Ronnie, pit mix, I have never 

really been able to go to the dog park and sit down and relax and drink my Starbuck's. 

That's what people don't realize.......while Ronnie is the best dog--he is not prey driven--he has 

never hurt anyone--I got him because he was good with old cats--he is confident, he is not 

afraid or anything like that--but, oh my gosh, if a fight breaks out he wants to be the first one in 


He can hear a fight and run to it before I can even see what is going on. 

He minds and I am careful 

to not go to the park when there is too much activity and I go home if I feel danger is around 

but, truthfully, it is always a precarious situation--from what he might potentially do (he is a 

dog) or what other dogs do. 

He has never attacked anyone but he has been attacked--the 

attacks happen in a split second. He does, however, like to engage in real, real rough playing. 

That kind of playing can escalate to real fighting quickly where he would not listen and 

someone would be hurt so I quit letting him play like that if at all possible. 

The other thing--if 

Ronnie just did anything there are always people ready to accuse pits of anything--I would die 

if something tried to take him away from me. 

Having a pit and going to the dog park is a loaded 

gun situation and you just always have to be ready to act....because once dogs start fighting in 

that certain way or if there is a gang-up there is not too much anyone can do. 

I've seen it happen so many times.
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