May 21, 2014

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The Washington Post Wine Club--The Ronnie Republic Bill O'Reilly Club

Bill O'Reilly
Cover of Bill O'Reilly

In this club we will ask the question.....what makes bill tick and why is he mad.....what is his ultimate goal, why is he popular and why does he shout.........

You're Invited: Join The Ronnie Republic Bill O'Reilly Club

Experience Uncompromisingly great Bill O'Reilly conversation from the world's best political talkers.

The Ronnie Republic Bill O'Reiilly Club delivers some of the most unique conversation-starting chat from around the world.  Our chats make every day more enjoyable for Bill lovers of every political stripe.  Choose our standard mixed selection club or our standard all red club.

What makes Bill tick.

Why is he so popular

Who are Bill's folks.

We will discuss these exciting topics and more every week.

There is no commitment and you may stop at any time.

Join the conversation now...It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Thank you, everyone, for taking time to share your very important thoughts and louise
The Washington Post Wine Club

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South Park San Diego: The Coyotes Go to the Dog Park Too

Canis latrans Fran├žais : Un coyote en Arizona
Canis latrans Fran├žais : Un coyote en Arizona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Talking about the Grape Street Dog Park in The South Park, Golden Hills, Balboa Park area of San Diego.......this is adjacent to the municipal golf course in Balboa Park and also part of the Balboa Park Trails.

My friend and I often go to the dog park.....he was just telling me a coyote killed a dog at the park the night before last. It was around 8 PM

Apparently the coyote attacked the dog and paralyzed it by injuring the spine. The dog become incapacitated and unable to move. I guess the owner jumped in but nevertheless the poor dog had to be euthanized.
My condolences to everyone who has lost an animal and particularly to this family recently suffering this violent heart goes out to you.
Good luck to everyone....I recently just moved from Granada and Elm where coyotes and I shared the cement path going down to my house and the canyon.
Seriously, one evening I went out to walk Ronnie and I thought the neighbor's elderly Akita had gotten out as this large German Shepard type was lingering in the street.
You know the story.......the only way I finally figured out it was a coyote, as it looked huge and well-cared that is acted exactly like Wiley Coyote and it had a very pointy nose.
I saw this twice around dusk........the coyotes just strolling down the street.
Honestly, the coyotes go to the dog park, too."

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Finding Bill O'Reilly.......

Not only is it important to try and understand what makes Bill O'Reilly tick, but also, why is he so popular.......why is he so appealing to so many people.

As a President Obama lifetime fan and Hillary girl forever I do feel like these are serious issues for everyone to consider.

Well, what are your thoughts.......everyone is welcome to comment and post their thoughts......agree or disagree.

Here is the e-mail if you want me to include your ideas as a post or go ahead and jump in the comments section.

Would you like to complain or maybe you have some tips.....619-786-4147.

Thank you for spending time on the ronnie re......

here are some links to stories about the man.......

my letter to bill o'reilly about snoop