Apr 29, 2014

Celebrating Mayor Harold Washington: Tonight in Chicago

What Bill O'Reilly Gets Wrong About Snoop

Seriously, my kids grew up listening to Snoop.........

Snoop Dogg
Cover of Snoop Dogg

All the kids did......he has a beautiful voice.....his voice is like a musical instrument and unforgettable.

Snoop is mainstream......that's where Bill gets it wrong.

Already writing about the surgeons at work dancing to Gin and Juice......

If there was a parade in town and Snoop was the Grand Marshall there would be a giant turnout.   Perhaps, a little bit less for Mr O.

Snoop is mainstream and representing the people......now the O man may represent some people, also.........but I feel strongly that Snoop would have the larger audience.

Our president is Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney.
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Bill O'Reilly: I'm Really Afraid of Snoop and Reverend Al

Bill Clinton - yes, I took this photo
Bill Clinton - yes, I took this photo (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)
I really like Al Sharpton and Snoop.  Bill cherry picks his info, particularly about Beyonce.  

He refuses to acknowledge the good work of Snoop with his foot ball team in Long Beach and he can't handle the good work of the Reverend.  Try listening to Al Sharpton talking about his life and his father........his words are very soothing.......there is a reason why this man has a prominent position in the media.....but Bill can't take that.....Bill can't handle Snoop.

Bill shook hands with Snoop at Kennedy Center Honors.......he could have asked him about his community work that has been well documented on CBS Sunday Morning and Larry King.  Snoop has talked extensively about taking social responsibility........right, exactly what Bill goes on about every evening.

Is the man afraid of Snoop and Reverend Al.....let him chat about their good work and recognize them.....he says he wants to be fair and balanced.....let him prove it.

here is mediaite:

Bill is so in love with his own Catholic guilt....too bad he cannot be gracious once in a while.

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