Apr 8, 2014

The Surgeons Dancing to Gin and Juice: Bill O'Reilly is Out of Touch

Making the case that O'Reilly is out of touch and unrealistic:

What I've been trying to figure out forever is what makes the old bird tick.....he is so in love with his own brand of Catholic guilt.....he made a fool of himself over Beyonce....going on endlessly about her vid.....what--were you enjoying it, too, Bill?........

he refused to acknloledge Snoop and the good community work he has done in Long Beach and his football team even after he shook hands with him at the Kennedy Center honors.  

He rails on against the internet--which is unrealistic because try getting a job and submitting your resume without the internet these days...or selling a car.  

Even if one managed employment they would certainly be expected to use the comp after they got the job.  At my last job---OR Nurse--we did all of out charting on the comp and had to be pretty handy with the thing for x-rays, etc.  

He is out of touch and unrealistic......

right he discounts Snoop but what he does not realize is that the surgeons were dancing to Gin and Juice at the end of the case..........

my case in point and as you said and as he has mentioned on his show criticizing ACA......all the surgeons these days are not old rich white men.   

hello, Bill, who is cute.....President Obama rocking out with all of those cute girls....the soul Queens last night on PBS.....that is what Bill does not get......well, what do you think.......cl...the ronnie re.

from the raw story talking about Bill blowing on: