Mar 13, 2014

Bill O'Reilly: Porn and Beyonce Expert

from the Bill O'Reilly media critic:  the ronnie republic

President Obama is cute, funny, popular and hot--and now he has the brilliant legacy of being a compassionate man, to boot.
He is not only the first African-American President of the United States but he has also included everyone in the political conversation. All of the people that were previously just talked at or about are now talking, making laws, giving their input and a part of the living, breathing government.
Women, low income, those with disabilities--these folks are now actually a part of things--it was said they were before but now they really are thanks to Barack Obama.
His legacy is brilliant.
O'Reilly bashes him every evening. Barack Obama is an unstoppable force and BO can't do anything about it.
President Obama is in--Bill O'Reilly is out. Good try Bill, but you might as well adopt a graceful if that will ever happen.
Oh, that's right, he's busy bragging about his porn expertise Beyonce style. He can't believe it--he can't believe it so much that's all he talks about.....Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce...every night......Bill you're so obvious.

here is a link to Politico with Bill trying to say PO is not funny...he was hilarious:

Eileen Adler and her very famous Knitting Circle at the Pacific Beach Library, San Diego

Hi everyone,

We are meeting this Saturday, March 15 (10 to 12) and Tuesday, March 18 (1 to 3) to review three different lacy bind off methods for our shawls.  Check out the videos - and yes, there are other techniques so bring along your favorite to share.  *:) happy

My best,

Grandma’s Favorite Bind Off:
1.)   P2 tog WRAPPING the working yarn the “other way,” clockwise; one st remains on right hand needle.
2.)  Replace this stitch back to the left hand needle and repeat Step 1.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for Grandma’s Favorite Bind Off.
A Stretchier Bind-Off
1.)   K2 tog tbl – through the back loop.
2.)  Replace this stitch back onto the left hand needle and repeat Step 1.
Alternate approach:
1.)   K2 tog
2.)  Replace this stitch back onto the left hand needle and repeat Step 1
1.)   Knit two stitches (this begins like the regular bind off)
2.)  Insert the left hand needle into the front of these two stitches and knit them together
3.)  Knit the next stitch on the left hand needle so two stitches are now on the right hand needle.
Repeats Steps 2 and 3 for Knitted Lace Bind Off