Mar 9, 2014

Looking for the famous Arthur of Kensington Palace Gardens--Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom

Arthur at Kensington Palace
English: Kensington Palace. This is the view o...
English: Kensington Palace. This is the view of Kensington Palace through the magnificent gates at the front of the house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for watching this video.

Here is a comment today.  It is very nice talking about the famous Arthur of Kensington Palace.

Just wondering if any one out there has an update as he is very popular.


We used to see Arthur in Kensington Gardens every week, we haven't see him for a year, does someone knows something about him?
Kind Regards
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Thank you for your comment.  I made a new blog post on the ronnie republic blogspot...looking for Arthur.  I hope some one will see it.  Perhaps I could e-mail Kensington for suggestions.
Thank you Chloe, good initiative :)
My partner used to talk to him, he was by the Palace almost everyday, but we haven't seen him since the last winter. Let's hope he is fine.
Take care.

Published on May 1, 2013
These pictures were taken approximately 2 years ago during the refurbishment of Kensington Palace prior to the wedding of William and Kate.

The older gentleman in the photos is Arthur, he has been going there and chatting with the squirrels for many years.

He said that Princess Diana used to go jogging in Hyde Park in the mornings and occasionally they would have a little chat.

The tour of the Palace was very cute and informational with girls dressed in period clothing and reenacting daily living that would have taken place there during different periods in history.

Arthur was a brilliant ambassador for was so fun to chat with him as I was there on my own.

Wishing the best to Arthur.

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