Feb 4, 2014

We Need a Few More Students: Fashion Classes at San Diego Community College

Regards Fashion Students and community.
We are trying to get a few more students in the following classes, as they
are at risk of being canceled.
Yes, they were new courses, added at the last minute, but we would really
like to see them go. If you took an Add Code, you need to process it by
tonight, and if you are interested to join the class, please email the
instructors today and process an Add. Decisions will be made tomorrow
morning about whether the classes will run or not.  Talk to you friends,
encourage other students to take these courses.

Fash 105, Intro to Fashion Tues/Thursday, CRN 04459 mfeori@sdccd.edu
Fash 130, Apparel Construction Saturdays, CRN 04851 with Fashion 199A
04865. fabricprincess@cox.net

Email the Professor for an add code.