Dec 4, 2014

from the best food site: Thibeault's Table--Roast Chicken and How to Make Gravy

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Roast Chicken and How to Make Gravy

It seems at this time of year the question on roasting turkey and chicken comes up often on various cooking forums.

Making gravy is another topic that comes up often.

So I thought this would be a good time to do a post on both.

I use the presalting method to season both chickens and turkeys.
Actually I use it for almost all meat cuts.

You can find the instructions here.

The chicken (turkey too) is roasted at 500°F,
known as the high heat method.


Remove Chicken from roasting pan and set aside to rest.

The drippings are made up of fat and juices.
In order to make a rich flavourful gravy, the juices need to be browned.

Place the roasting pan back in the oven for a few minutes, watching
carefully as the drippings start to brown.

Or this can be also done on top of the stove.

When the drippings are golden brown, remove pan from oven.

Place pan on burner and add enough flour to make a roux.
Cook for a few minutes to cook the flour.

Add chicken broth, stirring until gravy thickens.  Season with sage and black pepper.
I don't like thick gravies so I add more broth.
You can adjust thickness and seasoning to suit your own taste.

Cover and simmer over low heat to allow the flavours to meld.

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