Dec 24, 2014

Can't Wait To Go To Cuba..............

The White House, Washington

Yesterday, after more than 50 years, we began to change America's relationship with the people of Cuba.
We are recognizing the struggle and sacrifice of the Cuban people, both in the U.S. and in Cuba, and ending an outdated approach that has failed to advance U.S. interests for decades. In doing so, we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries.
I was born in 1961, just over two years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba, and just as the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with that country.
Our complicated relationship with this nation played out over the course of my lifetime -- against the backdrop of the Cold War, with our steadfast opposition to communism in the foreground. Year after year, an ideological and economic barrier hardened between us.
That previous approach failed to promote change, and it's failed to empower or engage the Cuban people. It's time to cut loose the shackles of the past and reach for a new and better future with this country.
First, I have instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to immediately begin discussions with Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations that have been severed since 1961. Going forward, we will re-establish an embassy in Havana, and high-ranking officials will once again visit Cuba.
Second, I have also instructed Secretary Kerry to review Cuba's designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism -- a review guided by the facts and the law. At a time when we are focused on threats from ISIL and al Qaeda, a nation that meets our conditions and renounces terrorism should not face such a sanction.
Third, we'll take steps to increase travel, commerce, and the flow of information to -- and from -- Cuba. These steps will make it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. They will make it easier for Americans to conduct authorized trade with Cuba, including exports of food, medicine, and medical products to Cuba. And they will facilitate increased telecommunications connections between our two countries: American businesses will be able to sell goods that enable Cubans to communicate with the United States and other countries.
These changes don't constitute a reward or a concession to Cuba. We are making them because it will spur change among the people of Cuba, and that is our main objective.
Change is hard -- especially so when we carry the heavy weight of history on our shoulders.
Our country is cutting that burden loose to reach for a better future.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama

an e-mail from our President.......

Dec 7, 2014

Larry Mendte in Philly Mag: Too Bad He Is So Wrong About CNN's Don Lemon

Love Larry Mendte and Don Lemon.......Larry, I listen to you whenever I can and admire your work but you are way off on this one.  Just so happens, as a constant and long time CNN listener, Don is well respected and he is often on panels, particularly about race.  He is often asked his opinion and his answers are valued.  He speaks from his perspective and personal experiences...his answers are unique and well thought out.  I like to hear his take on things.  

Larry, he gets to talk on this one, this subject, and he gets to make a mistake once in a great while, too.

Larry, not only are you being way too harsh but unrealistic......It is true Don Lemon will be going to the bank fueled by his merits rather than his mistakes.


Don Lemon Is America’s First Reality News Star

Mock him all you want. He’s taking your laughter all the way to the bank.


It is far too early to tell whether CNN’s Don Lemon is embattled or just growing his brand. He is becoming a household name for all the wrong reasons — but he’s becoming a household name all the same. When CNN does its talent research, Lemon’s name recognition will creep up on the network’s stars like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, even though Lemon’s fame is fueled by his becoming an Internet joke.
The latest Lemon embarrassments are photographs, which have gone viral, of Lemon flashing gang signs and grabbing his crotch at a party. This comes after CNN’s bizarre gas mask reporting from Ferguson, when Lemon trapped smoke inside his own gas mask and couldn’t breathe. And while buildings were on fire and stores were being looted, Lemon complained about the smell of marijuana in the air. That follows Lemon’s even more bizarre interview with one of Bill Cosby’s alleged rape victims. Lemon essentially asked the woman why she didn’t defend herself with her teeth.

Controversy has long followed Don Lemon. He once worked at NBC 10 in Philadelphia and made the papers for identifying an 84-year-old rape victim on the air; and once for accusing the now-defunct Tower Records on Broad Street of racism because a security guard dared to ask him to see a receipt for merchandise he carried out of the store.
Lemon left Philadelphia for Chicago, where controversy followed. Lemon made the papers there for refusing to cover a story. He was an anchor, after all, and covering things like actual news was beneath him.
And then came CNN, where, once again, Lemon’s tainted star continues to rise. New York Magazine recently put a list together of Lemon’s greatest gaffes on the air. Traditional media is once again following social media, where the sardonic hash tag #DonLemonReporting was still alive and well during coverage in New York following the grand jury decision in the Eric Garner chokehold case and Lemon suggested everyone close their eyes and forget about race for a minute.

And so it goes. It is the new media, where reality stars and news stars meld into one and the Twitter crowd craves the entertainment of failure over the boredom of competence. It is in this world where Don Lemon thrives, more Kardashian than Cronkite.
So ridicule if you must, but you have to watch to know what to ridicule. And CNN, a struggling news network scraping for ratings, is not about to lose anyone who can attract viewers, even if those viewers are locked and loaded at their keyboards ready to write the next great #DonLemonReporting tweet.
Go ahead and laugh, but realize this: Don Lemon is taking your laughter all the way to the bank as the Internet’s first reality news star.
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Dec 4, 2014

Carlos Santana on Larry King: Inspirational

from the best food site: Thibeault's Table--Roast Chicken and How to Make Gravy

copied from Thibeault's Table

Roast Chicken and How to Make Gravy

It seems at this time of year the question on roasting turkey and chicken comes up often on various cooking forums.

Making gravy is another topic that comes up often.

So I thought this would be a good time to do a post on both.

I use the presalting method to season both chickens and turkeys.
Actually I use it for almost all meat cuts.

You can find the instructions here.

The chicken (turkey too) is roasted at 500°F,
known as the high heat method.


Remove Chicken from roasting pan and set aside to rest.

The drippings are made up of fat and juices.
In order to make a rich flavourful gravy, the juices need to be browned.

Place the roasting pan back in the oven for a few minutes, watching
carefully as the drippings start to brown.

Or this can be also done on top of the stove.

When the drippings are golden brown, remove pan from oven.

Place pan on burner and add enough flour to make a roux.
Cook for a few minutes to cook the flour.

Add chicken broth, stirring until gravy thickens.  Season with sage and black pepper.
I don't like thick gravies so I add more broth.
You can adjust thickness and seasoning to suit your own taste.

Cover and simmer over low heat to allow the flavours to meld.

and here is a link to the page:

Dec 3, 2014

Our little corner of Italy in Marylebone: Caffe Caldesi--London's Finest Italian

Caffè Caldesi


Our little corner of Italy in Marylebone - serving authentic Italian food in Caffe Caldesi & Londons first Italian cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi, next door!

Private Dining

Caffe Caldesi

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Simple Truth Organic Almond Cookie Spread--amazing for afternoon tea on Saltines.

This stuff is delicious, seriously...........

It is kind of a cross between Nutella and peanut butter and it is a perfect topping for morning toast.

Simple Truth Organic Almond Cookie Spread--amazing for afternoon tea on Saltines.

Dec 2, 2014

Eric Holder and President Obama Talk About Commitment, Michael Brown and Trust: Spreading the Word

Following Michael Brown's tragic death, millions of people across the nation and around the world have focused their attention on unfolding events in Ferguson, both grieving together and making their voices heard.
In recent days, many have been captivated by ongoing developments, anguished emotions, peaceful protests -- and, too often, deeply unfortunate images of unnecessary destruction. And this tragic incident has sparked a necessary, national conversation about the need to ensure trust and build strong relationships between law enforcement officials and the communities they serve.
Events in Ferguson have revealed a deep distrust between a community and its police force. But this reality is not limited to one location. Other communities around this country know this struggle all too well. And it's abundantly clear that every single one of us has a role to play in tackling this problem together, as a nation -- to identify those things that bind us, and to be honest with one another about the things that continue to divide us.
In August, President Obama ordered a review of federal funding and programs that provide equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies. Yesterday, the Administration released that review's findings -- and announced key next steps to strengthen the trust in and effectiveness of the policing of our communities.
Here are the next steps we're taking:
  1. Creating a new task force to promote the expansion of 21st century community-oriented policing.
  2. Reforming how the federal government equips local law enforcement, particularly with military-style equipment.
  3. Advancing the use of body-worn cameras and promoting proven community policing initiatives.
I know this has been a difficult time for people in Ferguson, and for many others across the country. It will take time for things to get better. But as I assured Ferguson residents during my visit there, in August, the Obama administration is firmly committed to making the progress we need -- and that all of our citizens deserve.
The changes that the President announced yesterday are exactly the sorts of programmatic steps that will bring the right people together to engage in a constructive, national conversation -- so we can build trust, address persistent concerns, and protect public safety while respecting the rights of every American.
Last Tuesday, addressing the public, the President said, "[to] those who are prepared to work constructively, your President will work with you." I am committed to answering the President's call to see this through -- as are the men and women of the United States Department of Justice.
Thank you,
Eric H. Holder, Jr.

copied from an e-mail sent from The White House and Eric Holder