Nov 14, 2014

Geraldo: I Say The President Should Pull The Trigger On Immigration

English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Soci...
English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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English: Bill O'Reilly at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So today, my man Geraldo Rivera, 77 WABC New York, is departing from his fellow Republicans, as he so often does, to promote the plan of President Obama to go ahead with his plan of immigration reform without the consent of congress.

Geraldo is on WABC every morning from 10-12--he is not afraid to go in a different direction from his other cohorts at Fox News.

Can't wait to see it this evening--he will go up against Bill O'Reilly on The Factor to argue the issue.

Can't help but view Bill O'Reilly as a racist--on many--occasions as he recounts his ideas for policy regarding people of the Religion of Islam and his take on poverty in the African-American community.

I invite Bill here to Wichita and merely witness the lack of grocery stores in the lower income area and hear his take on that--there is simply no access to food in walking distance.  Unbelievable!

San Diego--12 year old boys beat up for gang affiliation in the barrio......Bill, just wondering--what do you call that sich?

Can't start here on Bill O'Reilly and white privilege.......his lack of compassion for his fellow human beings is a completely other subject for deep introspection on a different day.

Geraldo is not afraid to stand up to O'Reilly.  He said the other members of the GOP are really not interested in moving forward on immigration reform.

Geraldo Rivera is not always behind our President but immigration is one of his pet projects and dear to his heart.  He said there are over 500,000 undocumented workers in the New York City area alone.

Geraldo told us the last time him and O'Reilly went off on this subject they almost came to blows--it was heated--and the closest he has ever come to a fight on the air.

These people are here and working hard and want a future just like the rest of us.

Here is a sample of the traditional older hard working Latinos in action in San Diego..........

Take a trip to Rancho Santa Fe and see who is doing all of the manual labor, building brick walls, gardening, etc.  The place could not survive without the Hispanic labor.

And as George Bush said....who is going to pick kids are not going to do that kind of work, are yours.......

The best story is the Mexican guys working on an extremely steep roof, no protection, huge drop off, on Thanksgiving day.  I said.....why are you guys working on Thanksgiving......and they boss--he wants the money.

Geraldo also did a good job on his show recently when he called out San Diego congressman Duncan Hunter on saying 5 members of Isis had come through the Southern Border.  In fact, thanks to Geraldo, it was proven to be a lie without any substantiation of facts behind the statement.

The border in San Diego and the surrounding areas is extremely strong.  Try visiting the border crossing at Jamul....these people are not playing around.  Constantly going through cargo trucks, armed and with dogs, often waiting at the end of the dirt driveways during the night--these people are serious and defy anyone to say they are not.

Thanks, Geraldo and Noam, bringing up the opposite side of the issue, for telling us the facts, but mostly thank you for your compassion towards other human beings around the world.

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