Nov 13, 2014

General Wesley Clark: Seal Team 6 Should Not Be Cashing In......

Wesley Clark speaking01
Wesley Clark speaking01 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to General Wesley Clark, today on Geraldo Rivera WABC New York, the members of Seal Team 6 involved in the killing of Osama Bin Laden should not be cashing in on their military experience.

He was very adamant that these individuals speaking out about the activities involved in this very strategic and dangerous mission are giving away our secrets and putting our troops and our country in harms way.

General Clark stated to Geraldo Rivera there are also very many people involved in strategic commands in the Army and other areas of the military that do not talk after important events--he went on to say it was very wrong and he is totally against it.

General Wesley Clark said that Vladamir Putin has invaded the Ukraine and that he feels like he can change international borders at will.  He feels we should give assistance to the Ukraine but not sent troops.

He said this is a very important time in the world today because China, Russia, Iran are all marching toward achieving more strength internationally.

Geraldo Rivera did a good job of asking the former Presidential Candidate questions and getting all of the info without interrupting or becoming angry if he did disagree.

Well done, Geraldo and General Clark, for giving us information of what is gong on in the world today.

Another good show on WABC 77 New York:  Joan Hamburg on Saturdays......and this week she will feature an interview with Vanessa Redgrave.

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