Nov 20, 2014

Dog (Am Staff) Jumps Into Freezing Water to Save Owner: Hero Dogs Featured on The Ronnie Republic

Would you jump into freezing water to save someone from drowning? This dog did

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Monty, a Staffie from Suffolk. Photo by Tim Parkinson via Flickr.
Someone give Corbin the Staffordshire Terrier his lifesaver badge. The brave dog more than earned it when he dived into an icy river to rescue his owner.
“If he wasn’t there to help me, I would have drowned,” says Corbin’s grateful owner, Philip Skirving, of Alexandria near Dumbarton in west Scotland.
The drama took place on what began as just another of their nightly walks along the banks of the River Leven. Skirving lost his footing and slipped – straight into freezing-cold, fast-flowing water.
‘I couldn’t breathe because it was so cold’
“I was about 5ft away from the bank but I just went into shock as soon as I hit the water,” Skirving told local newspaper the Lennox Herald. “I couldn’t breathe because it was so cold and I just couldn’t get myself back to the bank.”
Thankfully, Corbin realised immediately that something was wrong. He jumped in after his owner and clamped his jumper in his teeth, using it to help drag Skirving back towards the bank.
The pair made it out of the river safely and, soaking wet, headed home to get dry.
They’ll be avoiding any more adventures for a while, says Skirving, whose partner Zoe is expecting a baby in a few weeks. “I think I’ll just walk [Corbin] to the end of the street from now on.
Owners should always take extra care when walking their dog in the dark. Here are our top tips for staying safe.

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