Nov 27, 2014

Dear Larry Mendte: You Might Be Barking Up The Wrong Tree on Ferguson

English: Nancy Grace at her book party for her...
English: Nancy Grace at her book party for her new book "Objection!" at the Bryant Park Grill, NYC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Talking about Ferguson, Missouri and the recent death of Michael Brown.

All the big talkers keep going on about it.

Larry Mendte and Geraldo Rivera--two favorites of The Ronnie Republic--they seem to always have their facts, say what is and is not their opinion, and welcome a conversation of the opposite.

77 WABC New York AM Radio has some good ones--seriously, they are the best radio/news/talk station so far.

Also Curtis and Kuby are hilarious and Joan Hamburg has some real good info on Broadway shows and recipes on Saturday.

Larry is missing the point on the issue of Ferguson and the slaying officer Darren Wilson.  Yes, Larry, we know he followed the law--we get it--as you always say.

But, something just does not seem right........

As Nancy Grace said yesterday on CNN and then on her own show on HLN something just seems wrong with the whole scenario.  Nancy told us she does not feel comfortable with the way the prosecutor used the grand jury and the law.

Nancy Grace mentioned something that seemed strange to The Ronnie Re right off the bat......

Right, Darren Wilson said he was fighting for his life--but look at him--does he seem beat up to you in the photos taken of him at the ER immediately following the incident?

The idea that Michael Brown is a violent character, a bad actor, or a "demon" as Wilson tellingly described him just does not hold water....why....think about it.....what about all of the really violent, hostile mentally ill folks that are picked up every day by the police departments around the world?

What about all of the violent criminals that actually do resist arrest--how do they survive the police encounter and Michael Brown did not.

Regardless of color too many of our youth are dying at the hands of the police and excessive use of force.

Should the laws be changed?

Should the process be changed to protect our kids?

Should the police have  more training?

Should the kids have more training--perhaps in school--how to act when confronted by the police so you will not die.

No--it's a shame--a crying shame to hear the words of the parents of Michael Brown.  Nancy Grace did an excellent job of telling us how the parents felt.  One could not hear it without feeling sympathy for the family and imagining the heart ache they have felt.

No--the thing is not all cut and dried--Nancy Grace did a brilliant job of pointing this out.

Talking about color.......

I doubt seriously this same scenario would have happened to a young man in La Jolla.  Well, okay, Larry--if you say so--it's simply just about the law--really, because I have never heard of it happening in La Jolla--the same scenario.  Oh, right, I guess it's just a coincidence--it happens all the time--we just do not hear about it.

Excessive use of force, lack of experience, drawing his gun too soon, not waiting for back-up--all of these things have been said by the experts on various talk radio and television.

Thank goodness for Ron Kuby--he has pointed out some of the facts to us, also.

Larry is so angry the people are protesting--well, what exactly should they do to protect their rights.

The treatment of the mother after the death--it seemed like it was quite disrespectful--would this have been the treatment of the parent from Rancho Santa Fe?

To The Ronnie Republic one problem might be social mobility.  At the end of the day it is a different life in middle income suburbia than the segregated inner city of Wichita.  Will the kid beat up for gang affiliation have the same opportunities as the kid from La Jolla?  Will the kid surrounded by gang members have the same thoughts as the kid surrounded by classmates headed for Harvard.

Shall I blast Bill O'Reilly here on white privilege--can white kids act up but a giant black kid cannot?

This was the death of a young man on his way to college--perhaps he still lived in two worlds......that of his youth and poor decision making and that of academics, adult hood and good judgement that lies ahead.

At the end of the day shouldn't we try to save our children and examine the situation a little more sounds easy to quote the laws and the rules and sum Michael Brown up as a bad actor but shouldn't we examine the larger picture and do some hard thinking about solving the situation at hand.

check this out from Al Jazeera America on this issue:

Nancy Grace did a very powerful interview with the parents:

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