Nov 23, 2014

Make Your Own Cat Condo from Yahoo and The Ronnie Re

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Improve Your Cat’s 9 Lives With a DIY Cat House

f they aren’t curled up in the sun, being grumpy or sitting on your keyboard while you type, say, an article about DIY Cat Houses, our feline friends need a place to call their own.
Don’t sacrifice your (or Snowball’s) personal style with a ho-hum, store-bought bed (or plastic stackable basket). Instead craft a custom cat house for your beloved furry friend. You don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to care about your kitty’s comfort. 
Improve Your Cat’s 9 Lives With a DIY Cat House
Image via urlesque
1. Home Meow Home
homemade cat fabric tent

Image via Sew Take a Hike
To be truly content, some cats need four walls, a pitched roof, and skylights. If that sounds familiar, then this cute, little, single-occupancy unit may be purr-fect for you. Pick your pattern, break out the sewing machine, and line it with fleece for extra comfort. They will be curled up in front of the fake fireplace in no time. 

2. Printed Cat Tipi
white minature cat tipi

Image via Free People
If your furry friend is more of the nomadic kind, try crafting this tipi out of fabric, twine, and five wooden dowels. Its a perfect accessory for any Thanksgiving celebration. 

3. Packing It In
old suitcase fashioned in to a cat bed

Image via Beautiful Life
Before you toss that vintage suitcase, give it a new life as a bed for your four-legged friend. His dreams will take him to far-off places, even if he never actually leaves the house. Make cleaning easier by using a pillow with a washable casing.
4. Cat House For Your House Cat
cute homemade cardboard house for cat

Image via Chez Larsson
As a pet owner, you know that cats, like children, enjoy a good cardboard box more than what’s inside. Take it to the next level with this cardboard cat home within your home. Consider a little front-door landscaping with some catnip topiaries flanking the front door. 
5. Mouse Not Included
cat resting in old desktop monitor

Image via Chip Chick
Upgrades in technology happen every five seconds. The good thing is that there is also always a need to upgrade your kitty’s nest. If you have one of these original gumdrop shaped babies, remove the innards and replace ‘em with a little software of your own. 
6. On the road
cat resting in minature mobile home house

Traveling with your pets isn’t easy. While not exactly do-it-yourself, these pet friendly trailers are a nostalgic way to tote around your family friend.

7. Totally Tubular Cat Shack
cat house made out of a tube

Image via Instructables
If your kitten is the type who likes to catch some waves while he catches some Zs, take a trip to your local hardware store to pick up the few materials needed to craft your cat a soft place to lay his head.
8. Not-So-Sour Milk Crate Bed
cat house made out of old dirty crate

Image via Crafted Niche
What cat wouldn’t love to be surrounded by the aroma of sweet milk as they curl up to take a little cat nap? Grab a crate from your local flea market and apply a little elbow grease to make this simple bed. Put it oncasters to make a little mobile home for Felix.
9. A Tisket, A Tasket
cat resting in suspended whicker basket

Image via Petoolah
Blend your cat’s habitat into your wall art by hacking a cylindrical Ikeabasket into a homey little cat bed. Carefully secure it to the wall and fold up a comfy towel or blanket to rest in the bottom. 

copied from yahoo.........seriously, Yahoo has one of the best newspapers out there, good recipes and cute cat info.....who needs more than that.......thanks for ronnie re.

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