Nov 3, 2014

Art Bell Vs. George Noory: The Coast to Coast AM Controversy

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Hey, all of you Coast to Coast AM listeners out there........

What do you think?

What has happened to Coast to Coast AM--what day did it turn into a political show.

Is it just The Ronnie Republic Radio round-Up that is asking the question....What is going on?

Are all of the listeners Republicans and this is the only listening, questioning democrat.

Is George Noory too tired and trying to stay awake.........

Seriously, all of these questions come up as the listener ask themselves....Where in the world is Art Bell?

Did Art Bell like the callers--was he actually interested in what they were saying--did he care.

Of course, we will never really know the answers to these questions but is certainly seemed like he was interested in what was taking place on his show.

George Noory, lately, not so much..........

It seems like George has forgotten the hallmark of the show--free thinking--letting people talk.  Last week he cut off a lady right in the middle of a very sad, heart-felt story--it was embarrassing.  What was the point of cutting the lady off just to let one more caller get in.

It was rude, George.........

Sometimes it sounds like George is not even listening to what the callers are saying--he is fighting to stay awake.  He's always awake to push his own shows and endeavors.

Speaking of free thinking--what day did Coast to Coast AM become a promotion for the political right wing conservative movement in the US.

Does George Noory think only Repubs listen to the show.  Did George Noory ever entertain the fact that some of the listeners may like President Obama.

His political diatribes are offensive--thanks George but I listen to the news all day long--I'm going to go ahead and form my own political opinion right now.

No one minds Corsi from World Net Daily sharing his opinion once in a while--but to view his ideas as if they are news......

Gee--George--I don't think so.........

Reading Art Bell's website he says he will be back on the radio in 2015.

Both of these late night magnates are talented radio hosts, gifted speakers with plenty of talents and a few faults, too.

I love George Noory but right now........

I can't wait for Art Bell to get back--the show has lost its' life and freshness--Art Bell has the gift of running a show and keeping it alive.  It's got to be hard work but right now the man at the helm of the ship seems old and tired.

Art Bell Where are you.

Opposing views are welcome.


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  1. The show was so much better with Art ... the right wing stuff on the show now has turned me off. I am done with it

  2. Initially I thought George was superior to Art. Now I'm sick of his right wing digs that he slips in. Sorry George, I've lost ALL respect for you. I'm done.

    1. George wears me out. He does not listen to the guest. Art Bell, Larry King, Howard Stern let the guest talk and tell their own story and then the host will ask questions about their interesting story. Their story, the topic of the guest speaking--not the topic of the radio host. Yes, George, we know you like Frank Sinatra, but why did he have to ask John Foggerty if he had ever met Frank Sinatra. it was so off the subject. The beauty of Art Bell was that he was not afraid to let the caller or the guest have a different opinion than his own. He was able to chat with the guest or the caller about their unique idea without being offended. That is a gift for the listener. And what is with the re-runs as if they are a new show. George, there is room for improvement.

      thank you for reading and thank you for your comment.


  3. I quite Coast for similar reasons. All the right wing BS was too much for me. I really do miss Ian Punnet and George Knapp though. Wish Noorey would retire.

  4. I thought I was the only one who realized that he has a right-wing agenda and the worst part is that he insults the listeners by pretending he is neutral. Plus, he is soooo boring, no wonder he has earned the nickname,"George Snoory."