Nov 11, 2014

77 WABC: Larry Mendte--Spotlight on A Good Reporter

Good listening this weekend to Larry Mendte........Sundays 7-9 PM on 77 WABC AM Radio New York......(that's Geraldo's station).

He also filled in for Geraldo Rivera on Monday morning in the 10-12 time slot.

Both of his shows offered plenty of new information and facts on the marijuana issue and the Seal Team 6 controversy.

Larry is well informed on the facts so again the listener is the winner because we get to hear new ideas about the topics being discussed.

Larry really knows what he is talking about--his good reporting skills shine through the conversation between Larry and the callers.

The people that call in have a respect for Larry Mendte--the callers are so well informed, too.

Larry is suggesting that marijuana will be legalized in New York just like Colorado and why not take the advantage of the financial opportunities at hand.

Larry told us that many of the original fears about the legalization of marijuana have been proven incorrect over time and fallen off the page one by one.

Larry also feels like the individuals talking about Seal Team 6--members of the team--should be allowed to talk about their activities resulting in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Actually, Larry Mendte feels like these men should be celebrated as heroes, in this special circumstance, rather that take the silent approach preferred by the Seal Team members and those in charge in order to prevent giving away security secrets.

English: Actress Winona Ryder at the 2010 Toro...
English: Actress Winona Ryder at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Thanks, Larry, for sharing with us your good reporting skills and plenty of pertinent information.

Other good listening from The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up.......

WABC Saturdays--Joan Hamburg--really funny interviewing Joy Behar and telling us what is happening on Broadway.

Bill Nighy and Winona Ryder in PBS Masterpiece's is so fun to see brilliant actress Winona Ryder again.

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