Oct 21, 2014

Seriously, Everyone Loves Wolf Blitzer and I do To

CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Can't wait to watch the show, Roots, on CNN this evening.........

Well, jut seeing a preview--what a privilege to hear Wolf Blitzer talk about his family and his tragedy in Poland......both sets of his grandparents died in Auschwitz.

Admiring Wolf forever--is there anyone who does not--my most trusted news person in the world--Wolf went to Poland recently as part of the series Roots by CNN to discover his own personal history.  At first he was reluctant to do it, but once he started on the journey he became very interested and intrigued.

Thank you, Wolf and CNN, for telling us about this very important information.  Thank you, Wolf for sharing this very personal history of your family with your television audience.

Has CNN finally taken my advice....I have been telling them forever it would be so fun to hear someone like Larry King just chat with the hosts--yes, I really like them and watch them everyday--to just see what makes them tick.

I am personally waiting for the in-depth interview with my favorite, Fred Whitfield and her legal boys--at the end of the day they should really have their own show.

Yesterday, Jake Tapper talked about his family--too bad his ancestors were fighting for the British.

Good job, Jake, for telling us about your family, too.  It was pretty funny to hear your take on things.

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