Oct 14, 2014

San Diego Radio KOGO AM 600: Chris Merrill Where Are You......

Driving from the morning to the night..........

Chris Merrill:  Talking in the night, San Diego Radio KOGO 600 AM
I guess Chris Merrill will be on in the night..........

What a low blow to this radio listener........I love Chris Merrill.........his show is good, funny, entertaining and newsworthy--not to mention he includes all different kinds of views from his gang--they seem to get along so well.

I knew something was up when Lynda Martin disappeared without any explanation.

Chris please.....I'm not listening to Rick Roberts in OKC!

from KOGO:

Merrill @ Night hosted by Chris Merrill is heard weekdays from 7-9pm. First and foremost, Chris is an entertainer. Chris has been a successful host at talk and music stations in Kansas City, Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan. He combines a passion to entertain with his knowledge of current events to create a high energy program that results in a unique show and a perspective you don't hear on most traditional radio talk shows

Because his lifestyle mirrors that of our target audience, he knows what our listeners are interested in. Chris studied Theater at Western Michigan University and Political Science at Fort Hayes State University. He has a wife and three children; one in High School, and two in Junior High. When not on the radio, he spends time with his family and may be found playing softball and making fantastic plays in the field.

Read more: http://www.kogo.com/onair/chris-merrill-47265/in-case-you-missed-the-huge-12857275#ixzz3G7dgCiJR

here is the new line up:

05:00A – 09:00A            San Diego’s Morning News with LaDona Harvey & Ted Garcia, money news w/George Chamberlin & The Wall Street Journal, real-time traffic on the 10’s with Cal Walker.
09:00A – 12:00P            Rush Limbaugh
12:00P -  01:00P            San Diego’s Noon News with Cliff Albert
01:00P – 04:00P            Bob “Sully’ Sullivan
04:00P – 07:00P            San Diego’s Afternoon News with Marilyn Hyder and Ernie Brown, money news with Sully & The Wall Street Journal, real-time traffic on the 10’s with Cal Walker.
07:00P – 09:00P            Merrill At Night with Chris Merrill (Starting 10/20)
09:00P – 04:00A            Coast to Coast with George Noory

04:00A – 05:00A            Wall Street Journal This Morning

Read more: http://www.kogo.com/onair/chris-merrill-47265/in-case-you-missed-the-huge-12857275#ixzz3G7sKBjkP

here is a link to the facebook page of Merrill:

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