Oct 18, 2014

Huge Coyotes in San Diego: Strolling the Streets of South Park

English: A German Shepherd waiting for someone...
English: A German Shepherd waiting for someone to play with him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Canis latrans Français : Un coyote en Arizona
The coyote in San Diego:  He is big, beautiful and deadly
Being reported.....again and again....

Giant coyotes with full coats attacking the dogs in the South Park area of San Diego.

Seriously, this is essentially downtown San Diego--it is repeatedly said--I thought is was a large German Shepherd--the coat was beautiful and the coyote was huge.

No, it happened to me, too.......going out for the evening dog walk around dusk it appeared as if my neighbors Akita had gotten out again--he was just standing there on the street corner as if he was lost.

Thinking I should usher him back in the fenced yard but no time to act as this wily animal started acting just like the coyotes in the cartoons--the same movements--skittish steps, quickly looking back and forth and an extremely pointed nose.

Seriously, before an decision could be made on what action to take he ran back down my lane/sidewald to my house/ canyon.

Yes, it was scary and intimidating.......

The latest report from the neighborhood.........an attack of two large dogs on leashes........by a large coyote......and then more coyotes immediately showed up.

Unfortunately, the coyotes do go to the dog park in South Park and yes, they go after listtle dogs......but attacking a large dog on a leash.......that is new.

At then end of the day it can be a dangerous situation in any canyon access area of San Diego--the dogs and cats are in jepordy.

The Grape Street Dog Park in South Park San Diego--this is one of the best dog parks in the city--Good luck to everyone--dogs, cats and the owners.

Ronnie is worried about all of the dogs and cats in the neighborhood

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