Oct 3, 2014

Getting the Shirt Sleeve Just Right by Chloe Louise

English: Basic pattern of a polo shirt, henley...
English: Basic pattern of a polo shirt, henley shirt and t-shirt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
love this post....I keep trying to perfect my shirts.  I finally got one just right and it does have a very high underarm seam and the sleeves fit correctly to the bodice to allow easy movement yet it is not too loose.....I worked so hard to achieve this and it is actually very comfortable.  A well fitted 100% cotton shirt of a finer fabric---this was about 8 dollars a yard but it is a very nice cotton shirting fabric and more and more difficult to find---it is actually more comfortable and cooler than a tee-shirt or knit shirt or a man-made blend.  I also try to make it from the center out because if you think about it, unless you have unusually shaped shoulders or neck and the front is straight the only place you are going to get fabric is from the sides if you do not have a princess seam.  I try to get the armhole high and correct as to move my arm forward without pinching and then just keep bringing in fabric from the side as needed......in fact, it is not necessary to finish the side seams (flat fell, or whatever) until it has been washed a few times.  Then the front will hang straight and not gap open and and necessary adjustment can come from the sides....actually I just read this in a shirt book and I think it was from Threads.  Well, just saying this technique has worked well for me but it has taken some time......what do you think......cl

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