Oct 30, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Calls Out Chris Christie: Paving The Road to The Whitehouse for Hillary Clinton

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Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly angry and shouting
an unattractive trait
Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera--cute, happy and unafraid
Official photographic portrait of US President...
US President Barack--cute and funny--good President 
Chris Christie recently shouting at a councilman asking him about unused funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief.......

Thanks, Chris, your just paving the road to the White House for my girl Hillary Clinton.

Man, those rough words....no woman wants to hear that--especially any one who has endured any kind of domestic violence--

Mad men shouting--your just echoing OJ Simpson now--and we know what can happen next.

No, there is not a suggestion that Chris Christie is a violent man--but shouting in the style of OJ is a quick flash to a memory of violence that can easily take place following the verbal abuse.

It can be a punch in the wall or maybe something will get wrecked--something you like--or maybe the punch will be at you.  No--that kind of shouting are remembrances of a scary situation....for some people--maybe not for everyone.

Mad men shouting......Goodbye Chris Christie......Hello, Jeb Bush......

Geraldo Rivera called him out today on his WABC Radio Show.....does this angry aggression really do anything for the Republican Party--for someone thinking about a run for the White House?

Geraldo Rivera, the one thinking Republican, also praised President Obama for the continued up sweep of the economy with recent figures emerging about the best economic scenario in the past 14 years.  Geraldo also told us that this is momentum for employers to keep hiring.

Often Geraldo Rivera will complain about the President but the hallmark of his show is to give credit where credit is due and he feels that the economy fueled by the actions of Barack Obama deserve a thumbs up and "good job, well done."

This New York News/Talk Jay said "I think this is the reason for our ratings that are going sky high."

The Ronnie Republic hopes Geraldo will say these words to O'Reilly who digs up dirt on President Obama each evening and tries to call it news.

That is the difference between Geraldo Rivera, his WABC Radio Show with his partner Noam Laden, and The Factor or Fox News with Bill O'Reilly.

No, Geraldo is not afraid--he is not afraid of the caller to have a different opinion--to chat about new ideas--and let people form their own opinion.

Geraldo is not afraid to let us think--O'Reilly prefers we think his shouting with clenched fist ideas are what we should spit back as the public.  Too bad O'Reilly is so often wrong as he tries to pick and choose that facts.

Also, Bill, that's not what we are calling news, now.

Good job, Geraldo and Noam, and thanks for standing up for women.  Violence against women is a bad scene--it runs in a family--bad for the kids, the wife the husband and everyone involved.

Chris Christie's harsh remarks are an engraved invitation for Hillary to take the presidency in 2016.

That over-the-top angry shouting--bad move for someone thinking about running against a woman.......Hello Hillary Clinton.....Hello Jeb Bush.

Congratulations to Geraldo Rivera and Noam Laden for their fantastic success and well-deserved high rating on WABC Radio New York.

from the desk of The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up and Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.

Opposing comments welcome...............

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