Oct 15, 2014

Geraldo Rivera: The caller said...You are a real good investigative reporter.....

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English: Geraldo Rivera after delivering the keynote at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 2008 Public Policy Conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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The fact remains, at the end of the day, Geraldo Rivera is an excellent investigative reporter.

I think sometimes people forget that.

Geraldo's WABC on air radio partner, Noam Laden, also said it today.....you are doing a good job of trying to get the facts out there without creating panic......talking about the Ebola scare going on in our country right now and the guests Geraldo has had on his show........first a physician with the facts and then the officer who participated if fixing the catastrophe of Katrina in New Orleans...General Russell Honore.

Geraldo Rivera does favor President Obama in many ways but he would like to see a Czar in charge of the Ebola outbreak.

The caller reminded the listeners today that Texas was actually ranking 50th in the United States in terms of health care and that the CDC was a very worthy cause where financial cuts should not take place.

Last week Geraldo was impressive when he called out politician Duncan Hunter from San Diego County.....he had tried to say members of Isis had come through the southern border near San Diego into the United States.

Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteran asked Ducan Hunter how will you verify these facts and he simply stated....I asked a member of the Border Patrol.

Geraldo told us...there was no way to back up these facts....it was simply false and a scare tactic of Duncan Hunter.  The sad thing about this situation......it was later repeated on a San Diego radio station as fact......that is plain wrong....and it is wrong for an elected politician to use these ideas for his own gain.

Geraldo Rivera stated today and on many other occasions.....Drudge often uses scare tactics to make headlines.....the problem is that it trickles down and other commentators repeat these ideas as if it is fact.

Geraldo said this is so self-defeating.

From San Diego forever and recently in Wichita....this is an offensive statement from Duncan Hunter......the Border Patrol in San Diego do an excellent job.  This protective group is dilligent and serious.

Written to Geraldo from the ronnie re....just recently I lived in Dulzura........just about 20 miles past San Diego on the way to the Tecate border.  We had to go through a border patrol crossing every day.....it was extremely secure.....many, many armed personnel with dogs--these people were not playing.  They were often going after people and going through cars and cargo trucks.  Also, they were regularly parked all night at the end of our driveway in this rural area and there were also sensors in the ground.  If anyone thinks the border patrol is not doing a serious job I challenge them to visit the area and see for themselves.  Also, the border crossing on the freeway at San Ysidro is giant with a huge fence that is always patrolled which you often mention.  The border patrol is all over the place in these areas.

Kudos to Geraldo Rivera for being one of the few news/talk jays that actually allows the veiwer to say their opinion.  

No, I am saying he is a good person because he can take a disagreement and talk about it.  Geraldo is not afraid of the caller.

San Diego radio update.......Chris Merrill going to evenings.

Also, noticed this trait with Chris Merrill of San Diego of KOGO radio 600 AM.......one of the few radio personalities that lets the person calling in talk.  Also, he has varying views from his cohorts on the air.  Merril is not afaraid of a caller with a disagreement.

In the long run it is a good show from both of these radio personalities.......

Asking the age old question......shall we form our own opinions or shall we only think what is shouted at us by Bill O'Reilly and then call it news.

Good job, Geraldo Rivera and Chris Merril for telling us all sides of the story.

It's good reporting and it is good news.

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