Oct 22, 2014

Fox News: The Difference Between Geraldo and O'Reilly

Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera:  cute, unafraid and gets it
Official photographic portrait of US President...
Our beautiful President, Barack Obama, cute, cool and really funny
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly:  afraid and angry
Geraldo gets it........O'Reilly does not.

That's the major difference between Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News.

Seriously, Geraldo tries to gets the facts out...the pertinent news items of the day and talk about it.  Bill O'Reilly, daily gives his impression of the stories of the day and tries to call it news and then wonders why people do not go on his show.

Who would go on the The Factor just to listen to him shout--chin jutting out, fists clenched--the guest would have to shout him down to even give his side of things.

No, Bill, you are not always right.

Further more you are afraid and Geraldo Rivera is not.

Bill is afraid something will be different than he envisions--he is so scared his false premise will be challenged.

Geraldo Rivera of WABC AM Radio in New York and Fox News is not afraid of the caller.....Geraldo is not afraid of new information.

The take of The Ronnie Republic--news should be free and easy--the facts should be out there and easy to obtain--a price should not be paid for the information.

Radio, television, news, media, Internet--information that is easy and free to obtain for everyone--for people of all socioeconomic classes and all ages.  This is the hallmark of a free nation.

Opinions are a good thing--we love to hear all the ideas--why one political philosophy is right or wrong......as long as it is identified as your idea and not fact.......again this is the difference between Geraldo and O'Reilly.

The citizens can hear all of the facts and individual ideas and then form their own preferences.....no one has to be afraid.

As Zeke Emanuel said.....Bill O'Reilly could use his popular podium to give out information but instead he uses it to spread fear for his own gain.

Our beautiful President, Barack Obama, was so hilarious yesterday when he voted--the guy in the booth next to him said, "Man, don't touch  my girl."

President Obama took the cue and said....Let's go ahead and see if we can make him jealous........it was sooooooo funny.

This is what O'Reilly can't get.....President Obama identifies with the every day work-a-day citizen, not just people of color as O'Reilly tries to insinuate.

President Obama is cute and funny.....get over it O'Reilly....you're old and out and you shout!

Good job, Geraldo, for trying to always move forward and not spreading fear--for not being an angry old white man.

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