Oct 25, 2014

CNN's Fred Whitfield: I'm So Proud Of My Man Avery Friedman

No, that real good looking mom, Fred Whitfield was just beaming about her man today, Avery Friedman.......

Avery Friedman, one of the regular legal boys, every Saturday morning on Fred's CNN show is being honored today by none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for ethics in justice.

Typical of Avery, shining in his tuxedo, he shared his award with his fellow CNN contributors and host, Fredrika Whitfield and co-Sat. morning regular team member, defense attorney Richard Herman.

Seriously, these guys are good--Avery Friedman felt like this is why he was honored because they are doing a good job of telling the public about the legal system and why it works very well but why sometimes there can be room for improvement, too.

It's the chemistry between these three that sets the show off.   They are so fun to see every Saturday morning.......

They give us real good info about the legal system--explain how it works--both sides of the issue and they are entertaining. too.

Good job Fred, Avery and Richard for telling us everything about the law.

Congratulations to Avery Friedman for winning his award.

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