Oct 31, 2014

Crop Circle Girl Suzanne Taylor: A World Without Work--Livestream Program Tonight

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Noam Laden: Anchoring the Anchors at WABC Radio New York

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He takes the friendly common sense approach but his opinion and back up are always welcome at WABC Radio New York.

Listening to Noam Laden every morning as Geraldo Rivera's on air partner and newscaster his presence and voice easily smooths out any possible hint of a dust up between the hosts, today he is with my man Larry Mendte, and the callers.

Well, it has to be a show, it has to be interesting, right--Geraldo has that down to a science but when the heat starts to rise on Geraldo Street Noam is right in there to say the facts and give an equal voice to all of the opinions.

Noam Laden usually agrees with Geraldo Rivera but he also has no problem confidently voicing his opinion, as well--he is not worried about sharing a completely opposite idea from the host--the brilliant thing about Noam--his ability to say something without being offensive.

How does he share his honest views without creating anger--only if we could all do that.........

Noam Laden effortlessly fills in for Geraldo, respectfully interviews the callers and holds the reins for his own show discussing the news topics of the day.

Often said by The Ronnie Re......why not use home grown talent--the talent on hand, Noam Laden as opposed to less-prepared guest hosts.  The shouters usually have to be turned off--much rather listen to Noam than an angry shouter with incorrect facts just bashing our President.

Particularly appreciated are Noam's views about Israel and Palestine.  Always trying to understand the conflict in the Middle East--past and present--Noam often gives us his first hand experience about the situation since he has friends and relatives that actually live there.

It would be so valuable if Noam and Geraldo would do a Israel-Paestine History show because when they start talking in layman's terms they have a good way of letting the listener understand the current situation.

At the end of the day, Noam Laden and Geraldo Rivera run a good show because while they say their own opinion they are not afraid to discuss the opposite view and why it is there--the listener is the winner because we have the facts, the reasons why and we can form our own stance.

Thanks, Noam, well done and good job on the radio.

Now, Larry is talking......I love Larry Mendte, too because he continues to be my Facebook friend after I bashed him so bad over Hillary.  What more can you ask for.....he welcomes my comments.  Call me Karl Rove but it is the political conversation that moves things forward.

The unfortunate thing....Larry is wrong and I've got to let him know.......

1.  Chris Christie is a dynamic political figure--at first he was attractive because it seemed like he was honest and was saying to the citizens of New Jersey "I've got your back."

Now Chris Christie is only seen as a bully--he has shown his true self.  He will never receive the financial backing now to run against Hillary Clinton because he will be perceived as a bully and that will only pave the way to the White House for his female contender.

2.  As far as the nurse returning from Africa Christie wanted to quarantine against the threat of spreading Ebola.  Christie does not know what he is talking about.  Let him get the facts from the CDC......the science is on the side of the nurse.....Christie is basically running for president.  Let him find out the facts and the science behind them next time before he makes a spectacle of himself.

Oct 30, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Calls Out Chris Christie: Paving The Road to The Whitehouse for Hillary Clinton

2.9.11ChrisChristieTownHall--shouting,big and scary
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly angry and shouting
an unattractive trait
Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera--cute, happy and unafraid
Official photographic portrait of US President...
US President Barack--cute and funny--good President 
Chris Christie recently shouting at a councilman asking him about unused funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief.......

Thanks, Chris, your just paving the road to the White House for my girl Hillary Clinton.

Man, those rough words....no woman wants to hear that--especially any one who has endured any kind of domestic violence--

Mad men shouting--your just echoing OJ Simpson now--and we know what can happen next.

No, there is not a suggestion that Chris Christie is a violent man--but shouting in the style of OJ is a quick flash to a memory of violence that can easily take place following the verbal abuse.

It can be a punch in the wall or maybe something will get wrecked--something you like--or maybe the punch will be at you.  No--that kind of shouting are remembrances of a scary situation....for some people--maybe not for everyone.

Mad men shouting......Goodbye Chris Christie......Hello, Jeb Bush......

Geraldo Rivera called him out today on his WABC Radio Show.....does this angry aggression really do anything for the Republican Party--for someone thinking about a run for the White House?

Geraldo Rivera, the one thinking Republican, also praised President Obama for the continued up sweep of the economy with recent figures emerging about the best economic scenario in the past 14 years.  Geraldo also told us that this is momentum for employers to keep hiring.

Often Geraldo Rivera will complain about the President but the hallmark of his show is to give credit where credit is due and he feels that the economy fueled by the actions of Barack Obama deserve a thumbs up and "good job, well done."

This New York News/Talk Jay said "I think this is the reason for our ratings that are going sky high."

The Ronnie Republic hopes Geraldo will say these words to O'Reilly who digs up dirt on President Obama each evening and tries to call it news.

That is the difference between Geraldo Rivera, his WABC Radio Show with his partner Noam Laden, and The Factor or Fox News with Bill O'Reilly.

No, Geraldo is not afraid--he is not afraid of the caller to have a different opinion--to chat about new ideas--and let people form their own opinion.

Geraldo is not afraid to let us think--O'Reilly prefers we think his shouting with clenched fist ideas are what we should spit back as the public.  Too bad O'Reilly is so often wrong as he tries to pick and choose that facts.

Also, Bill, that's not what we are calling news, now.

Good job, Geraldo and Noam, and thanks for standing up for women.  Violence against women is a bad scene--it runs in a family--bad for the kids, the wife the husband and everyone involved.

Chris Christie's harsh remarks are an engraved invitation for Hillary to take the presidency in 2016.

That over-the-top angry shouting--bad move for someone thinking about running against a woman.......Hello Hillary Clinton.....Hello Jeb Bush.

Congratulations to Geraldo Rivera and Noam Laden for their fantastic success and well-deserved high rating on WABC Radio New York.

from the desk of The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up and Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.

Opposing comments welcome...............

Oct 25, 2014

CNN's Fred Whitfield: I'm So Proud Of My Man Avery Friedman

No, that real good looking mom, Fred Whitfield was just beaming about her man today, Avery Friedman.......

Avery Friedman, one of the regular legal boys, every Saturday morning on Fred's CNN show is being honored today by none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for ethics in justice.

Typical of Avery, shining in his tuxedo, he shared his award with his fellow CNN contributors and host, Fredrika Whitfield and co-Sat. morning regular team member, defense attorney Richard Herman.

Seriously, these guys are good--Avery Friedman felt like this is why he was honored because they are doing a good job of telling the public about the legal system and why it works very well but why sometimes there can be room for improvement, too.

It's the chemistry between these three that sets the show off.   They are so fun to see every Saturday morning.......

They give us real good info about the legal system--explain how it works--both sides of the issue and they are entertaining. too.

Good job Fred, Avery and Richard for telling us everything about the law.

Congratulations to Avery Friedman for winning his award.

Oct 22, 2014

Fox News: The Difference Between Geraldo and O'Reilly

Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera:  cute, unafraid and gets it
Official photographic portrait of US President...
Our beautiful President, Barack Obama, cute, cool and really funny
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly:  afraid and angry
Geraldo gets it........O'Reilly does not.

That's the major difference between Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News.

Seriously, Geraldo tries to gets the facts out...the pertinent news items of the day and talk about it.  Bill O'Reilly, daily gives his impression of the stories of the day and tries to call it news and then wonders why people do not go on his show.

Who would go on the The Factor just to listen to him shout--chin jutting out, fists clenched--the guest would have to shout him down to even give his side of things.

No, Bill, you are not always right.

Further more you are afraid and Geraldo Rivera is not.

Bill is afraid something will be different than he envisions--he is so scared his false premise will be challenged.

Geraldo Rivera of WABC AM Radio in New York and Fox News is not afraid of the caller.....Geraldo is not afraid of new information.

The take of The Ronnie Republic--news should be free and easy--the facts should be out there and easy to obtain--a price should not be paid for the information.

Radio, television, news, media, Internet--information that is easy and free to obtain for everyone--for people of all socioeconomic classes and all ages.  This is the hallmark of a free nation.

Opinions are a good thing--we love to hear all the ideas--why one political philosophy is right or wrong......as long as it is identified as your idea and not fact.......again this is the difference between Geraldo and O'Reilly.

The citizens can hear all of the facts and individual ideas and then form their own preferences.....no one has to be afraid.

As Zeke Emanuel said.....Bill O'Reilly could use his popular podium to give out information but instead he uses it to spread fear for his own gain.

Our beautiful President, Barack Obama, was so hilarious yesterday when he voted--the guy in the booth next to him said, "Man, don't touch  my girl."

President Obama took the cue and said....Let's go ahead and see if we can make him jealous........it was sooooooo funny.

This is what O'Reilly can't get.....President Obama identifies with the every day work-a-day citizen, not just people of color as O'Reilly tries to insinuate.

President Obama is cute and funny.....get over it O'Reilly....you're old and out and you shout!

Good job, Geraldo, for trying to always move forward and not spreading fear--for not being an angry old white man.