Aug 7, 2014

The Elephant in the Room and Bill O'Reilly

President-elect Barack Obama, headshot
President-elect Barack Obama, headshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seriously, Bill O'Reilly acts real angry at the idea that President Obama refuses to follow his restrictions aimed at Putin.

Then he repeats it often...President Obama will not follow his plan on immigration or Russia.

He is extremely annoyed at the actions or lack there of at President Obama.

The elephant in the room.......he keeps mentioning it in an aggravated if he actually is correct and the current administration is wrong.

He says he is fair and balanced often throwing President Obama a bone to prove his point--he does not want to impeach President Obama.

What he fails to mention is the notion that the President already has advisers--paid experts on the subject to give him different tried and true strategies and options.

Is Bill O'Reilly an adviser to Barack Obama?

Does Barack Obama care what Bill o"Reilly thinks--does he value his opinion.

Is Bill O'Reilly important to President Obama.

At the end of the day......O'Reilly does not count and President Obama does not care what he says......he is unimportant and irrelevant.

Bill, maybe on our next President's watch you can talk......ooops......wait, that might be my girl, Hillary Clinton.  Let's see if you can get father with your advice with Mrs. Clinton.

Good luck, Bill.

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