Aug 17, 2014

Larry Mendte WABC Sunday Night: Love to Agree and Disagree With Larry--from The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up

Black Leaders in Ferguson would like AL Sharpton TO go away! He just makes things worse. I will be talking about this tonight on 77 WABC. Listen in your car, online or on IHeart radio/

copied from the The Larry Mendte Show facebook page........

Dear Larry:  I have to tell you....we disagree on so much but apparently we really agree on a few things, too.  I listened to you on Geraldo this week and enjoyed your program showing both sides of the issues on the police and the recent events in New York.  It is so easy to be angry with the police but we have to remember they are people with emotions and families doing an extremely hard job.  It is a complicated situation.Should there be more public education about how citizens and the police should act when they want to arrest or question someone....because right now both sides are suffering. What about the idea of helmet or chest cameras.  I do not know the answer.

Here in Wichita the police came under fire for shooting a dog, a pit bull mix, who turned out to be a fine individual....but then I read a story 2 days later about a Grandma's dog that killed the how are the police suppose to act going into the situation...they lose either way......which dogs are killers and which are loose pets?

I happen to really like Al Sharpton and I have found his words to be soothing on many occasions.  If I was a citizen of Missouri I would want him there to represent me.  We can't keep gunning down our kids...I do not want the police to be a militia against our children.  All the kids act up but they should not die for it......yes, mine have  acted up, too.

I really wanted to say I appreciated your show about Robin Williams....I have always thought he was a genius but he was just too much for me.  Everyone loved him but to me he was angry and I was very angry with him for his final action.  So many people have been hurt and affected by his actions.....again, it was just too much and your show was actually very helpful.  Having said that Mrs. Doubtfire was the funniest movie I have ever seen in my life.    He was so over the top......I shared many of your thoughts.

Keep up the good work........always listening to the

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