Aug 4, 2014

George Noory and His Right Wing Radio Show

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...
What would the aliens think of George Noory's one-sided political agenda

from the ronnie republic radio round-up.........


I love George Noory.

I love his show--love Coast to Coast AM--listen to it every night on the radio.

It is a real good part of my life--solves the sleeping problem and provides peace and quiet.

But why does George have to only allow right wing--ultra right wing news commentary.

Certainly George is entitled to his own political opinion--we all are--but why does he think his listeners are all in agreement with his ultra-Republican ideologies.

George--your political ideas are offensive to me.

Seriously, I don't mind World Net Daily guru Jerome Corsi commenting on the news from his way right one-sided approach, but my goodness, how about the opposite view once in a while.......

It's an enigma.........

Right, the show is all about UFOs, weird things, space ships, secret organizations and your basic sub-sea, underwater spaceship landing port.

I love a good conspiracy as well as the next radio listener that can't get to sleep in the middle of the night--it's new, odd and different we are open to everything strange and surgeons really are taking intergalactic implants out of people in your basic community hospital on a regular basis and no one says anything about it....right, it goes to the lab.

Sure, I'm for all of that....

But couldn't we have a more middle of the road or varied view on politics.  Is Jerome Corsi the only view on Israel and the Middle East conflict.

Isn't George from Middle-Eastern descent?

Isn't this suppose to be a progressive show.

Always thinking the show serves a brilliant purpose in letting the average listener talk without ridicule--we need more of that in this world--I admire George for that.  I think he has helped a lot of people.

But please George--let's acquire a larger world view on politics--we are not all cut from the same mold.  I bet you can find different opinions--or are you purposely only trying to promote your own point of view--your own take on world actions that you feel is correct.

Gee, George....what would the Aliens say......Hmmmmm.......tolerance.

Wouldn't that be more international, other-worldly and spaceship-ish........

I'm telling Art Bell

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever and big fan of our brilliant President, Barack Obama

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