Jul 14, 2014

Thank Goodness Geraldo is Back!!!!!

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera--the boys are back in town
The one thinking Republican on the planet has returned to his radio show on WABC New York Talk Radio after his much needed vacation to Rome..........I'm jealous.

Seriously, my daughter wasn't in Rome 5 minutes before she said......have you seen the leather jackets here?  I just feel like it would be wrong to leave Rome without actually getting one.

Back to G/jay........got in a good go round with Alan Dershowitz about the recent collective punishment of the Palestinians from Israel.

My question.........why is Gaza/Palestine an occupied country.  How does anyone do anything.

Geraldo.....why not have someone like Doc Jazz on your show for an interview.  He is trying to bring the world together with music....and he is a surgeon...an average working successful individual trying to go on with the activities of daily living and suffering the trials and tribulations of occupation.  Lets chat with this regular work-a-day guy and see what he says.  Lets see......Doc Jazz.....what is your take on the current situation.  What are you good ideas to stop the violence.

Also we got to hear from my favorite talking cop, Bernie Kerik.  Love to hear his take on things.....my favorite part about Bernie.......he always speaks with a certain compassion towards police officers and the guys on the street in a way that is loving and refreshing.  It sends a good message out there for the police and the citizens.  Talking about stop and frisk and how it affects the officers walking the beat in New York City today.

Noam Laden, news/jay and fellow talker on the show shared with us his agreement and disagreement with Geraldo Rivera about the situation in Palestine since he does have family in Israel.

This Israel/Palestine situation is extremely difficult.  Geraldo said the one way for sure to wreck a media career in NYC is to bash the actions of Israel.

At the end of the day, Geraldo Rivera, is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and suffer the heated radio back lash.

All the bashers that I had to endure while he was gone....Mad man Mendte, Stunningly beautiful and successful and stunningly incorrect Judge Jeanine Pirro; it was exhausting to hear them yell and shout.  Judge Napolitano was okay with his back and forth over police actions in the city.

The home grown talent of Rita Cosby and Noam Laden are always enjoyable as they can think, talk and disagree all at the same time without getting angry....who knew.......

Again asking the age old question.........will the talk show inspire new thoughts with chat and info about current events or shall we adopt the opinions of the shouting host.

I'm sticking with Geraldo Rivera on this one.

from the ronnie republic radio round-up.........and thank you to Larry Mendte for being my friend on facebook......welcome you opinion and thoughts.......cl

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