Jul 22, 2014

Geraldo, You're About the Only Republican I Can Stand To Listen To

Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton:  Words of inspiration
That's what Donna from Bergen County said........

Talking about the recent death of Mr. Eric Garner after the use of the choke hold by the New York City cops.

The incident took place on Thursday on Staten Island.

Geraldo making the point the death is tragic but the individual should have been more respectful when the cops attempted to question him.

Geraldo said several times what were the cops suppose to do.

Donna made the point it was not an emergency.....the police were familiar with the man....they knew him--they definitely should have handled it in a different way.

Donna making a brilliant point....so then the question remains......how should the police handle a large man arguing with them or just let's say not going along with the premise of the police.

In all honesty many ladies have been in that situation many times, seriously, arguing with the police over a traffic ticket, or whatever.

Are things handled differently when it is a large man of color?

Was this man dangerous--was he assaulting anyone, was he threatening anyone, was he brandishing a weapon.

Were the police afraid?

Actually, here is my question--are people allowed to talk back or stand up to the police--what rights does a citizen have in this kind of situation?

At the end of the day, this is terrible for everyone involved--I'm the first one to argue with the police and complain about them and I also am  the first one to call the police when I do not think something is right.

Geraldo spoke with a reporter from Italy where New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is vacationing.  The mayor said it looked like a choke hold to him but he was not an expert in the issue.  The mayor also said he a full investigation will ensue and he has complete confidence in Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Geraldo said the officer may be indicted and a large payment will be paid to the family of the man that died.

Geraldo also said according to the the New York Post the officer has received many death threats.

It is a big issue in new York right now with all of the recent controversy over stop and frisk which Geraldo has often said should be reinstated.

He feels the police are intimidated and do not know what to do--they are afraid to do their job.

Some criticised Reverend Al Sharpton for turning it into a race issue.  "I'm a friend of Al Sharpton, he takes a lot of heat but I would be surprised if he did not get involved with this issue," Geraldo replied.

Many people look to Reverend Al sharpton and he has recently received an Essence Award for his community involvement.

My take--have you ever had a bad day--try listening to the Rev on Politics Nation.  For some reason his words can be very soothing.  He has given me strengthen more than one occasion.

You know what--I thought the choke hold was illegal these days.

I do not want anyone to die simply because they argued and did not mind.  I also sincerely do not want the officers to die, as well.

here is more about the story from Eyewitness news:


from New York Magazine some cops are responding to the story:


That's Tuesday on the Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up....featuring the Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up from WABC News Talk Radio in New York City.

Seriously, actually, at the end of the day.......

Thanks Geraldo for a good show and letting the ladies talk and the people that disagree with you.

A former police officer called in to say the policeman in question should be fired and many callers were in disdain of the police today.

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