Jun 15, 2014

Why Bill O'Reilly and Bill Maher Can Never Be Taken Seriously

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English: Camp Buehring, Kuwait - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin talks to Nome, Alaska, native 1st Sgt. Dewey Green. Palin visited the Soldiers of 3rd Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment, Alaska National Guard to learn about their mission in Kuwait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bill O'Reilly
Bill "I'm mad."' O'Reilly
Well, it's quite simple isn't it?

He is in the same boat as Bill Maher.

Once one delves into the ugly habit of name calling of anyone, but particularly of a public official, current or past, and then tries to pass themselves off as a serious news show......someone with a relevant opinion......well, it's just not happening.

Considering the Ronnie Republic to be a critic of Bill O'Reilly and The Factor it is common to try and take in every show.

One critic would be stopped dead in their tracts by the recent insults handed out with such zeal and abundance--angry excitement--the information limit was at the boiling point.

Is it a hatred of women, hatred of people of color, hatred of something he does not understand, that he has to ridicule, humiliate and name call--laugh at--laugh at things and people he cannot understand.....afraid of a new concept--a new look.

Calling Susan Rice a "moron" was it.

This lady is not only extremely accomplished but an official representing our President and our government.

I thought it was just President Obama Bill was so unnerved by but now I fear it may be women.

Following Hillary Clinton forever it is feared the barrage of insults and slurs from this very funny man will be more one can endure.

Actually, it may be his demise if he cannot control his excitement at insulting women and news-rage, his obvious disease.

Insisting our beautiful President, who does not like war and values all of the lives of the citizens of our country--our beautiful coat of many colors--he so very well represents is failing every day and meeting his power end--in fact, the opposite may be true.

It will be the demise of O'Reilly--fueled by his own zeal and hatred.

Like Bill Maher, imbibing in an overdose of their own fame, they over step their bounds believing they can get away with it due to popularity.

Once an insult is dished out--name calling--there is no real answer.  Disagreeing with Sarah Palin most of the time one values her right to speak.  Just asking.....what would have been Governor Palin's response to Bill Maher.  What should be Susan Rice's response to Bill O'Reilly.

Should these women spew back the same kind of retort?

Both of the Bills lost site of their argument once they name called.  It is the end of the political discussion.  They ended it because there is not a response to name calling of the nature they engaged in being out of the realm of the discussion or talking points as Bill so well likes to preach.

No, Bill, you ended it--you went way off your talking points.

You better watch yourself Bill--My Hillary may be the beginning of your end.

The Ronnie Republic--Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.

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