Jun 10, 2014

Has anyone seen Arthur of Kensington Palace Gardens.........

English: Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fou...
English: Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park, London, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Arthur is a very wonderful and friendly gentleman who often spent time in Kensington Palace Gardens.
Here is Arthur sitting in the Garden at Kensington Palace

He was a great friend of the squirrels and an occasional friend of Princess Diana.

On a recent trip there, about two years ago, I spent a lovely afternoon chatting with Arthur.  He was so friendly......I really enjoyed my time there and having someone to talk to as I was visiting London on my own.

London is a lovely and friendly place to visit--I felt so welcome.

Arthur said he often saw Princess Diana jogging through Hyde Park and they would exchange a Hello and how are you today.

It would be so fun to see how Arthur is doing at the present time......

Just wondering if anyone has seen him or knows of his progress.

Thank you, Arthur, for taking time to chat with me at the beautiful Kensington palace Gardens.......
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