Jun 4, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Does Not Speak for All of Us: Small Minded and Angry--He Does not Represent the United States

Bill:  I think you may have missed a dose.......

I think you may have hit the nail on the head because every day I wonder what in the world is wrong with this man and his amazing vendetta against President Obama.....why.......the world has changed.  
We are a beautiful country of a coat of many colors.   Bill simply can't handle it....he gets real mad and laughs at everything he can't understand.  

President Obama has been elected twice......his beautiful legacy is that of bringing everyone to the table.........everyone is in the conversation, now.  Before may groups of people were just talked at or talked about......but now, everyone is part of the conversation.  

But Bill can't believe it.........he can't understand folks that do not live their lives by his brand of Catholic guilt.  

He is an embarrassment for this country.  His disrespect for our President is hurtful.  His disrespect to all of the people around the word and their religions is hurtful......he does not speak for all of us.

Zeke Emanuel said it best when he suggested that Bill could use his podium to give out information but instead he uses the opportunity to spread lies and stir up fear for his own gain.  

Bill O'Reilly is truly The Ugly American.

from doitlive on mediaite.com

the world ended for O'Reilly with Obama's re-election...I never saw a more depressed man when he came on Fox around 5 and basically conceded the election because of exit polls...he desperately wants this country to go back to what he views as "traditional america" so he doesn't have to spend his final years in the political minority...it won't work...2004 was the high point for Bill, Fox, and R's...it's not coming back

from mediaite.com

‘What Is Wrong with These People?!’ O’Reilly Shreds ‘Dense’ Obama Admin.

The Bowe Bergdahl controversy really set offBill O’Reilly tonight. He went after the Obama administration for being inexplicably “dense” and went so far as to ask if Susan Rice is a “moron” for praising Bergdahl’s military service amidst all the “compelling evidence,” as O’Reilly phrased it, from people Bergdahl served with that he’s a deserter who possibly collaborated with the enemy.
O’Reilly called the release of five Taliban commanders a “troubling precedent,” particularly for a man whom at least one Fox News analyst was calling a deserter back in 2009. This “big mess,” O’Reilly continued, is naught but a “political move and it is backfiring on the president.”
And that’s when he went off, asking “Why are so many mistakes being made?” and “What is wrong with these people?!” He revealed he’s been told Obama just doesn’t care anymore and does what he wants, when he wants. And the reason, O’Reilly concluded, this “corruption and incompetence” is allowed to go on is because the American people are too apathetic and glued to their gadgets.
Watch the video below, via Fox News:
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