Jun 30, 2014

Tell me, Mike Pompeo, how will Obamacare cost jobs in Kansas?

Mike Pompeo, member of the United States House...
Mike Pompeo, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...
Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mike Pompeo is running for congress in Kansas.

He has an add running on television talking about how he is for keeping and creating jobs in Kansas.

He proudly announces he has voted against Obama Care over 50 times in order to keep jobs in Kansas.

Tell me, Mike Pompeo, exactly how will the ACA take away jobs in Kansas.

Please tell me your idea for providing health care for everyone in Kansas.  

Mike, please tell me your idea for health care for all of the citizens of the United States that is better than the ACA.

Just asking, Mike, and I am eagerly awaiting your response. 

Mike, go ahead, and tell Ronnie your ideas for Health Care in Kansas

from Chloe Louise and the ronnie republic....I should be cleaning but I can't stop talking about politics.

Lovely Rita Cosby--here's hoping she will be taking over for Geraldo this week........

The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-up:

Lovely Rita Cosby on WABC Radio New York.....conducts a great political conversation and does not freak-out when some one has a different idea than hers.....

Will you be taking over for Geraldo at all this week....you know in the long run it it not about agree or disagree its about if you can stand the host and the political or informational/news conversation.

Seriously, what are we after--the opinions of the host or a political conversation and the ideas of many people out there.......love your show.....cl....the ronnie re.

Jun 27, 2014

Italian Beef.....Wichita Style

Jun 23, 2014

Geraldo Rivera: I'm Just Not Into Hurting People's Feelings

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera:  the vibe of New York

That's my take on the show...........

Seriously, listening to a whole lot of news/talk shows Geraldo is a breath of fresh air.

In the first place most of the shows on the radio dial are conservative, super conservative.........but most importantly, they are not talk--that is actually a misnomer.

At first it does seem like they are a talk show and maybe they are even interested in your opinion--that is the false hood, in fact--those shows, most of them, are just a podium for the host to spew their right-wing rant.

It's not really news or information but a conservative editorial.

Many, many times when a caller gives a founded opposite view they are cut off or talked over......the whole thing is a farce.

Geraldo Rivera of WABC New York Talk Radio is different--who knew there would ever be a talk/news jay that would actually listen to the callers.  He lets them talk and answers their compliment, criticism or just comments on their take on things.

Radio listeners--this is extremely rare in talk radio.

Example:  Just this morning Geraldo spoke of La Marina, a docking area and restaurant in New York City he enjoys visiting with his family.  He gave a little history of the place and the O'Rourke family saying in earlier times in was, in fact, known for drug dealing, but now the whole scenario has changed as it is more upscale with new owners.  This was written in the New York papers.

In a few minutes a lady called in to say she was the wife of the individual who had spent time in jail but the papers and Geraldo had taken the whole story out of context.  They did not have money to fight it as she was a registered nurse, retired, and her husband was a construction worker.........the name was correct but everything  reported was wrong according to the caller.  The caller also said the papers had misrepresented the story to be about police corruption, however, that was really not the case.

It was touching as the woman was very distraught--one could hear it in her voice.  It was not only impressive that Geraldo took the call but gave her plenty of time to tell her story and them apologized for his misinterpretation of the facts.  He even recounted to her what had appeared in the papers and allowed her retaliation.  She said the papers have painted the picture incorrectly the entire time but her frustration came in not having the means to ever correct the story.

It was touching......I think Geraldo Rivera felt very bad and he said he does not ever want to hurt people's feelings.  That is not what he is about or the show.

Now, the listener is the winner.....thanks to WABC we know there is another side to the story.

No.....it has to be said....Geraldo and Noam Laden run a good show.

In most talk-radio the listener never gets to hear both sides of the story.....the caller only gets to talk if they agree with the host.  Roger Hedgecock can be an exception at times.

Thanks Geraldo, Good job for leading the way to a fresh view in news-talk radio.  Those other yellers out there might want to take a tip on how to run a conversation.

Geraldo is a new vibe for the republican party--the other repubs should take a tip and maybe they can resurrect their sinking ship.

People call in every day to thank him for his good work and to yell at him, too.

This guy has the ear of New York--GOP, take a listen.

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.

Corrections and comments are welcome as the words of the show were interpreted from memory.

I would love to interview the caller, Mrs. O'Rourke and tell her side of the story.  Interested in information not interogation she can have approval over what is written, telling it as her take on things and the events that have happened.  It is way too interesting to let it go--right, the nurses have to stick together.

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or the phone.......619-786-4147.

Thanks for your time and reading the ronnie republic radio round-up.......cl