May 14, 2014

WABC Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up: Talking Bernie Kerik and my girl Rita Cosby

English: Rita Cosby, United States media figure
English: Rita Cosby, United States media figure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Soci...
English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Keri...
English: NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik speaking at a press conference concerning crime scene evidence collection from the WTC site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Had to say it......good show today.

Always a good show for talk radio, particularly a republican conservative station--we get all of the information and actually a discussion about the news.  The listener can understand all of the thoughts from callers on all sides of the issues.

The callers do not mind one bit calling in to disagree with Geraldo......okay, he can take it, give his idea, also, and no one is angry.

The listener is the winner.

Admiring Geraldo's loyalty.....talking about his friend former police comish, Bernie Kerik and his former lawyer, Joe Tacopina.

Geraldo feels Bernie was treated very poorly by this attorney to the degree he was an informant to the feds against his friend, Bernie.

Callers voiced their opinion on both sides.

Bernie Kerik is a fabulous addition to a radio show.....always listening to talk radio.......there are many people who like to know the take on current issues from the police department.

What makes the cops tick?

Bernie does a real good job of explaining things--security is an ever increasing issue in this day and age--how do the police do their job and what is the reason behind some of their actions.

Bernie does a good job of explaining things--his comments are easy to understand, he is willing to discuss a situation, and he has compassion for the public and most importantly for his fellow police officers.

The second hour we were treated to the very pleasant voice and talented talker, my girl, Rita Cosby.

Rita talks to everyone--agree or disagree--Rita listens, says her opinion and does not freak out.

The freak-out factor is not a part of Geraldo's show.

Right, what makes a good talk show--info and discussion--not O'Reilly screaming and shouting.

If O'Reilly would take a tip from Geraldo he would not have to constantly try to convince everyone he is "fair and balanced."

Okay, Bill, if you say so......I guess you only have yourself to convince at this point.

Geraldo, can you ask Bernie this question--what does he think of traffic officers wearing cameras.  This was suggested in San Diego after three recent incidents of police taking advantage of women on the road.

It's fun and interesting to hear Bernie's take on things.

Well done, Geraldo, Rita and Bernie...keep talking...Ronnie will be listening.

What do you think....comments welcome and appreciated....all sides accepted.
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