May 28, 2014

Strombo in Montreal right now, George is cool, trendy , relaxed, charming and friendly .

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The agreeable George ...
For 10 years at CBC , host George Stroumboulopoulos ... (Photo: Ivanoh Demers , La Presse)
For 10 years at CBC , host George Stroumboulopoulos interviewed all that , culturally , music , politics and sport , and frog crawling in the global star system .
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The host George Stroumboulopoulos resembles C2MTL . As this networking event for the business class , which takes place in Montreal right now, George is cool, trendy , relaxed, charming and friendly .

As C2MTL , George is agreeable . Accreditation is palpable as soon as we shook hands . Trade too. For 41 years , George never loses sight that has a picture to cure a career foam and interests to protect . Especially since he ended his daily talk show on CBC to join next fall 's team Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Sports Net.

Now , George is in the big sports business and probably in the six-figure salary . But what causes it to Montreal this week is not the sport, it was his talent as an interviewer .

Every year, for three years, C2MTL stands on its main stage collective masses in the form of interviews with major celebrities from the world of culture, design and advertising, as Francis Ford Coppola, Richard Branson and Philippe Starck.

In the past, the interviews were not always happy or conclusive , partly because they were made by people who had no job or so who were intimidated by their interlocutors.

This year C2MTL had the good sense to remedy the situation by inviting George Stroumboulopoulos to achieve the most important interviews , including those with filmmaker James Cameron and the Nobel Prize in Economics Muhammad Yunus . With Strombo , as he is nicknamed , C2MTL can hardly go wrong.

For 10 years, the CBC , the host interviewed all that , culturally , music , politics and sport , and frog crawling in the global star system . Sarah Palin Gary Bettman through Al Gore, Bono, Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal and Stephen King, some celebrities have refused to tread tray and all , in appearance at least , seem to have succumbed to his ease , his verve and its charm.

This is the same man I met yesterday under the roof of the Arsenal with his left ear loop , his big silver ring , black skinny jeans and a beard he left grow for two reasons : because records her talk show have ended for good in April and he's gone up in motorcycle Los Angeles, where he lives half the year.

The other reason is the final of the Stanley Cup. Strombo is a fan of hockey and a finite fan of the Montreal Canadiens . He is also convinced that the Canadiens will win against the Rangers in seven games before winning the Stanley Cup. Nothing less.

The article is devoted to Wikipedia 's five pages. But under the "personal life" , there is an entry tab: Canadian fan . He laughs when I showed him the article, and is pleased to have been able to leave no filter on his private life.

I replied that it may be simply because it has no life. He hastens to contradict me : " Not only do I have a life , but the most important thing for me is to have an interesting life . Me, the last thing I want is to annoy me in life. That's why I decided to pull the plug sticking on my talk show . I did for 10 years . I toured the garden. I told myself that if I continued another 10 years would pass without anything happening again . I was ripe for change. "

Strombo said he began to think about more things at Christmas. He did not confess , but its passage CNN last summer should normally lead to an American career started briefly on ABC in 2006.

But viewership talk show aired on Friday night on CNN never exceeded 200,000 viewers. Given this disappointing result , CNN did not renew his contract. He says that was it , the deal, but we guess that the agreement could also go in the opposite direction if he had joined a wider audience.

Still, for 10 years, Strombo offered Canadians a window on the world and guests quality window at the fascinating journey . Its issuance, smart, lively and entertaining , was part of what the CBC had to offer. Hard not to see his departure as another sign that nothing is going to the Canadian public television . Strombo not trying to minimize the damage.

"It is true that the cuts to the CBC are important. Besides, if I had continued my talk show , I would have less money to do so. I preferred to leave while the show was still the means of its ambitions. But at the same time , I do not completely leave the CBC since I have a radio show on Radio 2 on Sunday and Hockey Night in Canada will be broadcast on CBC every Saturday night . "

In terms of sharing the microphone with the hilarious and even unbearable Don Cherry, Strombo has no problem . He has worked with Cherry in its infancy , radio , at age 22 , and says he gets along well with him, although he does not always share his opinions.

For the rest, Strombo is delighted to spend the next few days in Montreal , a city where he came to party when he was a teenager , as a city where he has many friends even if they do not speak a word of French . His political ideas about it are quite closed, thank you . The issues of cultural identity gives him hives . Quebec sovereignist aspirations exasperate . He believes that political wrangling isolated Quebec and was unable to grow further.

I asked if a networking event and creativity as C2MTL are in Toronto. He quotes me the Luminato festival, which has nothing to do . We left laughing , but I think next time I will talk about hockey or anything else with Strombo . Everything except politics.

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