May 7, 2014

Seriously, Geraldo Rivera Should consider running for office........

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Geraldo Rivera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
From the writing desk of the Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up:  Seriously, Geraldo Rivera should consider running for office.

Why........he is a breath of fresh air for the republican party.

He tells the truth, talks about his experiences.....discusses the issues........that's new for the Republican Party, right.

He doesn't just spend his time bashing President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As evidenced by his talk show every morning on WABC Radio New York--he is able to work across the table---all of the big talkers call in and tell him their opinion--everyone seems to enjoy talking to Geraldo.

From the big politicians to the neighborhood folks--they all call in and tell Graldo what is on their mind.

Agree or disagree, they seem happy to chat with this New Yorker--they talk to him like they know him--as if they are old friends.

Does he have a position in the GOP--he says often he is trying to energize the Republican Party.

Listening to a whole lot of radio talk shows and cable news talk shows--they are so often just one way.

Its really not a discussion on the's just a bunch of old white men bashing our beautiful President and now, Hillary, too.

That's a turn-off, right, if you're trying to get more folks to join your political party.

This is new--there is not discussion on those other shows--it's all one way or your out of here....try watching O'Reilly or Hannity or listen to the right wing bash shows that seem to dominate the airwaves.

There is no real information--Geraldo Rivera has information--and he talks about the issues--he listens to ideas from his callers.

Most importantly--he is not an old angry white man.

The republican party has become the party of the mad men--or those that are holier than thou..........Bill O'Reilly, as an example--so in love with his own Catholic guilt.

Geraldo is a Latino--that is a big step right there--he cares for the less financially endowed individual, he wants health care for everyone.

He often speaks of those that are not financially struggling--he wants a nice life for those folks also without punishment.

Good job, Geraldo, you have a lot to offer--thanks for telling us all of your good ideas and caring about the kids and the citizens of New York.

Geraldo Rivera definitely has a handle on the pulse and vibe of New York City.

The GOP should take a listen to his Hispanic passion--after all, we still do need at least two political parties.

Call me Karl Rove but it is the political conversation that moves things forward.

cl--Hillary girl forever.

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