May 6, 2014

Martha Speaks: A Very Short Memo to the GOP from Huff Post Politics and Martha Burk

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Very Short Memo to 

the GOP

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From: The little woman and her sisters
Date: 2014-2016 election season
The majority of voters (women) want access to birth control.
The majority of voters (women) want abortion to be legal.
The majority of voters (women) don't think any rape is legitimate.
The majority of older voters (women) rely on Social Security and don't want it cut.
The majority of those on food stamps (women with kids) need the help.
The majority of minimum wage workers (women) want a raise.
The majority of voters (women) think they should be paid the same as men for the same work.
The majority of voters (women) know at least one husband who had a sleazy sexual relationship.
The majority of voters (women) respect the wife for getting through it the best way she could.
The majority of voters (women) don't want a female presidential candidate attacked for something her husband did almost 20 years ago that has nothing to do with her credentials, track record, ability, and yes, ambition.
The majority of voters (guess who?) know that if a man says he wants to win on his own terms he's tough and dedicated, but if a woman says it she's ruthless and bitchy.
Guess why the majority of voters (you guessed right) think your party is waging a war on women.
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