May 5, 2014

Larry Hancock Talks about his New Book: Shadow Warfare on NPR Radio Today

Dear Larry:

I only have one word to say to you.....History.

Your hard work and your diligence will go down in history.  The way you pay attention to detail is obvious by your blog posts as you continued your research and talked about the difficulty of trying to obtain these very tedious facts.

I love reading your posts just talking about the hard work it involved.  I, for one, admire your focus.

I will promote your book on my blog as I admire any Kennedy, Government and CIA research as I have been following the assassination since I saw it on television in the 5th grade--it never leaves you and there has to be an answer.

While I like to write about it and just say my opinion once in a while I know I would never have the ability in my wildest dreams to do your kind of research and work.  That is what I am saying.....most people cannot handle that kind of tedious facts--but in the long run that will be what stands.

Particularly, about Kennedy and the areas of cover-up you have talked about in this blog--after I have read what you said about different news situations I have a much broader view of what is going on or went on....On more than one occasion I felt like I had a better grip of what was happening or did happen after you gave your take on the situation.

I have noticed this the most about the Kennedy info--there is just so much out there and so many people talking that in the long run the truth and the facts will be the words that remain and all the opinion or just idea type things will fall to the side--not that those things were necessarily wrong but in the long run the verified and researched facts will be the only thing left standing.

Your work will not just be a current headline but an admired factual reference that will go down in history--why--from all of your brilliant and hard work.

Good luck to you, Larry Hancock, and I wish you the best--you have given the greatest mystery of our day the credence and respect it deserves.

Please keep letting us know your appearances as I am always searching for good radio listening--also, I cannot wait to see you on Book TV.

I love to write about the different radio shows in my blog--the ronnie republic--under the section of--the ronnie republic radio round-up--and I welcome any contributors as I cannot cover all of the info myself.  I am really into the idea of free radio information and internet with easy access to info for all people of all ages.  That is one of my pet things and that is what you are providing.

Thank you, Larry, for all of your hard work and taking time to tell us about your book and your radio appearances.....I will always be listening to what you have to say.

Chloe Louise...the ronnie republic

here is Larry talking about his new book Shadow Warfare......

Hi folks, just wanted to let everyone know that Stu and I will be on the Leonard Lopate show tomorrow, Monday May 5th.  The show airs at 11 am Central time but will be archived as well.  You can access the broadcast though the following options:
It should be interesting, Mr. Lopate covers a broad range of topics including writer and author interviews and the dialog will likely be broader than my more recent interviews which have generally been with hosts very much  focused on covert and clandestine operations.
I haven’t seen any posts here from readers of Shadow Warfare, perhaps its too early – after all it is a 600 page book.
Shadow Warfare has done well in library sales and at retail but not nearly well enough in Amazon sales – not sure why.  Given how much time went into digging out the actual details of intelligence agency operations, especially those of the Plans and Operations folks, I would have expected more people wanting to dig into that area.  Its also surprising that there seems to be little media interest in the deep background of contemporary covert and special operations, including those in the war on terror (now in transition from being referred to as overseas contingency operations to a variety of ops using “shield
in their descriptor).   I suppose I shouldn’t be too frustrated though.  In Shadow Warfare we present a Benghazi scenario relating covert Libyan activities to Syria.  A couple of months ago Seymour Hersh did much the same thing and drew virtually no comment.  Given his history and reputation, if he gets ignored I don’t feel too bad.  It appears various political agendas hold sway over that subject.
Enough author whining, I hope you find tomorrow’s interview interesting if you decide to listen in….   Larry

here is a link to Larry Hancock's web page:
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