May 17, 2014

Johnny Carson on Jim Garrison and JFK

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Jim Garrison
found this on the PBS's a bit of an insight into Johnny.......what do you think.....all comments appreciated.......

I use to adore Carson until I heard the blatant attempt to ridicule and dismantle Jim Garrison on his show. 

Much of which was proven true (Garrisons claims of a JFK plot) which. Carson could have rectified well before his may 92 departure but chose not to which makes me think that.Carson himself knew the conspiracy was true and could even had known inside info and was trying to paint Garrison as a quack to the American people. 

Carson was extremely nervous that night, much out of character.and quite the asshole. 

Funny it's not been brought up in documentaries. 

Wonder what Carson really knew because it was. Obvious to me Carson was on the defensive and claimed. Numerous times it was a bipartisan interview when clearly it wasn't or NBC. Would not have addressed it the next day due to all the backlash on Carson.

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      This is a very interesting statement about Johnny and the whole JFK seems like you have an important point to make. 

    • On the other side of it wasn't Johnny also very uncomfortable with any theory out of the ordinary that was not black and white. 

    • Wasn't he also famously offended by Uri Gellar. 

    • I think there is a famous story about him completely humiliating Uri Gellar on his show. 

    • I am also thinking back about Randi. 

    • It seems like he also had Randi on frequently to debunk anyone who may have had other than a straight forward idea or existential theory about life. 

    • What does that mean about Johnny, O'Reilly seems to suffer from the same disease.

    Your take................
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