May 24, 2014

Geraldo Rivera's OJ Simpspn Show on CNBC: One of the Best OJ Shows Out There

Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera featured in the ronnie republic
O.J. SIMPSON MURDERS at 20 YEARS, reported by Geraldo Rivera
Airing Saturday @10pm est and Monday night @9pm est this Memorial Day Weekend on Fox News Channel.

Watching all of the news and all of the OJ Simpson shows, it did not take long to realize Geraldo's nightly CNBC show was one of the best OJ daily round-ups out there.

Chloe Louise Geraldo, you had one of the best OJ shows on television.....I know because I watched it every night......yes, I have been watching the news forever and I still watching and writing about talk radio and the ronnie re

here is a link to the webpage for more show information:

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