May 29, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up: The Second Amendment is Supid

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Geraldo Rivera:  The 2nd Amendment is Stupid 
Piers Morgan at CES 2011.
Piers Morgan in The Ronnie Republic
Geraldo Rivera on WABC New York Radio Today.......

Geraldo, like just about every one else in this country is infuriated by the ease in which mentally ill individuals can obtain guns.

He said I have constitutional right and my children and my family members to be free from the weaponed anger of the mentally ill.

Why are we defending their rights to obtain a firearm?

Geraldo Rivera said on more than one occasion today......The Second Amendment is Stupid.

Yesterday he also said this gun law is outdated and written in a time when we were originally defending our country against Britain.

Times have changed and the law and the meaning for it is antiquated.

Geraldo went on to say today the NRA does not really disclose all of the information--they do not want the American people to know the statistics.

The Ronnie Republic asks the question......well, how does is actually work in Europe where there are not guns .........are the citizens happy about not having easy access to firearms or are they angry.

How does it work for the does it work for the criminals.

Are different gun laws reasonable for the United are we different from Europe.

Often watching Piers Morgan and his frequent rant against the US gun laws and comparing our stats to those of the UK..........the guests he had on his show act as if the UK is another planet when he brings up the facts.

What about to gun laws work there.....can we implement some of these ideas in the US.

What is realistic for our wonderful but suffering country.

What do the police chiefs think.

What does Bernie Kerik think?

Lets continue this discussion and keep talking about it until we can get to a reasonable solution.....part of a solution.

Talking about the recent tragedy in Santa Barbara where so many young adults lost their lives due to the anger of a mentally ill individual.

Let's just keep talking right now until we can find a solution.

Indeed, Geraldo Rivera is a breath of fresh air for he Republican Party--he is not your basic angry, old, white, NRA preaching, GOP member.

He sad today........I'm not afraid to talk....what are they going to do to me.

Good for you, Geraldo, for speaking out against the NRA and the repubs--they certainly are not on the road to winning an big election in their current state--after all, it would be nice to have at least two parties.

What do you think?

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