May 16, 2014

Geraldo Rivera Radio Round-Up: Big Ladies Day on WABC

Journalist Barbara Walters, at the Metropolita...
Beautiful Barbara
Martha Stewart
love Martha
Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo...cute....chasing Barbara to no avail
Bill O'Reilly
mad Catholic, Bill O'Reilly
Words of wisdom from Ariana Huffington.......just one of the big ladies Geraldo had on his show today.

Ariana talked about women staying healthy.....the trials and tribulations of the single mom trying to succeed, work hard, raise the kids, take time for yourself and most importantly........getting plenty of sleep.

Ariana shared today that ,in fact, she did have breakdown from not getting proper sleep, fell down and hit her head, woke up in her own pool of blood and eventually determined she had to make a change in her life for her own health.

She feels women can work hard to be successful in their chosen career but not so hard their health and mental capacity or peace of mind is jeopardized.  Ariana says we can have success with balance--without harm to ourselves and our families.

She is recommending a healthy lifestyle of proper sleep and meditation--the upshot of the whole thing--ladies and big ladies--take time for yourself.

Thanks, Ariana, for taking time out of your busy day to give us your take on survival for women in the corporate world.

Geraldo paid tribute to my girl Barbara their anyone with a more touching, hard working and inspirational career.

Geraldo said he really tried to make the move on Barbara Walters during their 20/20 phase but Barbara politely said, Geraldo--you know what, that sounds like fun but right now but I am busy interviewing the President of Panama, but maybe next time.

Well, good try, Geraldo........if their was anyone in the world to interview, Ms. Walters would be this blogger's choice.

Love Barbara Walters, always have and always will.

Talking about the real big girls, Martha Stewart jumped in to tell us her thoughts on nominating people and businesses who are doing good work for America that should be recognized.  More information will be available on her website.

Martha Stewart, the only one who had the chops in corporate to do time and come out smiling and looking perfect--doing her time and continuing to perfect her career.  This is a real strong and successful lady.  Always admire Martha.

Martha's current cooking show on PBS, Martha Bakes the Basics or Martha's Cooking School is the one bakes a cake like Martha's one of the best cooking shows on television today.

Geraldo is making the point all week that the minimum wage should be raised.

Seriously, is Geraldo Rivera the future of the Republican Party or what........the way he thinks......minimum wage, immigration...these issues have to be addressed......the defining factor is that Geraldo has compassion for the working person and he listens to what the callers's not an angry show that so often afflicts talk radio today.

Geraldo said more than once this week, "I am giving a new energy to the Republican Party."

Something has to change, right, because the GOP of Bill O'Reilly and Karl Rove is only workable if the repubs would like to plan on losing the major election again.

Geraldo commented earlier this week the statement of Karl Rove regarding Hillary Clinton's health were disgusting. This is the reason people hate politics.

Karl Rove is leading the republicans right into the grave.

Could the repubs consider someone like Jon Huntsman........Geraldo, what do you think?

Do the repubs really have a future as the party of the rich, old, angry, white men?

Think about it, who won the last two elections......Jon Huntsman spoke about Hillary Clinton with respect.....Geraldo Rivera is one of the few republicans with a vision, a viable realistic vision for the GOP.

Speaking of minimum wage and it being just an after school job as one caller indicated--school nurse San Diego----the parents often worked at two taco shops to raise and support their kids.

Can't leave out O'Reilly.....the 12 year old Hispanic boys often beat up for gang what were you saying about white privilege, Bill?

Good show today, Geraldo, thanks for talking about the beauty and skill and talent and hard work of Barbara Walters.

We still need two political's the political conversation that moves things forward......a little quote from Karl Rove.

Chloe Louise.......Hillary girl forever.

Geraldo Rivera, an attractive face for the Republican Party

.......literally and figuratively............remix:  GOP

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