May 24, 2014

Beautiful Liza: Royal Albert Hall--We'll Have a Drink at The Ritz Before The Show

London, Royal Albert Hall interior
London, Royal Albert Hall interior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
London's Royal Albert Hall
London's Royal Albert Hall (Photo credit: Nick Kenrick .)

Someone's pretty...........

Will you join me this summer in London for the privilege of seeing Liza at the Royal Albert Hall...........shall we have a drink before the show........

at the Ritz--the Rivoli Bar......

or shall we purchase the VIP tickets for dinner and drinks at the Royal Albert before the show........

or should we do both.......

Well, what do you think?

Well, right now it seems like the beautiful Miss Liza Minnelli might be just a touch under the weather so............

of course, we well not cancel our trip or anything like that but we will look at what other shows are there.....everyone always loves the theater.......and we will make our final decision on entertainment as time necessitates.

We will see Liza as soon as she feels a little bit better.

Well, the upshot is--we may have to make two trips to London.

Now, what are your thoughts on what show to see and when--do you like Shakespeare, at all?

Let's have our tea as we make the final plans for our trip, now--where would you like to have tea--what's your best suggestion?
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