Apr 14, 2014

Will the Rise of Colbert be the Demise of O'Reilly

I wanted to comment but they were closed....what you said is interesting.....

At first I thought will the rise of Colbert be the demise of O'Reilly.

Then I thought Bill must have known in advance about Colbert taking over for Letterman,

One thing Bill cannot really go up against successfully is a real good comedian--they lay him out so bad--particularly someone like Seth McFarlaine.

But what seems to govern Bill more than anything is ratings as shown by his recent rant over CNN and the missing plane.  

I always try to figure out what makes the old bird tick and why he is so popular.  My current best theory is that of Zeke Emanuel who said to him that he likes to stir up fear to make ratings when he could use his popularity to give out information.

If you listen to him he also cherishes his own Catholic guilt.

Now I have to think through carefully your idea as I like to consider my self a Bill O'Reilly critic.

Chloe louise....self-appointed Bill O'Reilly critic...the ronnie republic

from newsday.com:

What did Bill O'Reilly's rip of Stephen Colbert mean, exactly?

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, seen on Dec.
Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, seen on Dec. 15, 2011 in Manhattan, grew up in Levittown and still owns a home in Manhasset. (Credit: Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic)
The culture wars bled into the late night wars the other evening when Bill O'Reilly went after Stephen Colbert -- calling him a "deceiver" who has damaged the country. Yes, this news was everywhere Wednesday -- and sorry about getting to it so late -- but better late than never, and it's not going away, so . . .
This broadside arrived on the Talking Points segment on Tuesday's "Factor" -- and Bill is clearly annoyed here. More than annoyed -- angry. More than angry -- is there some other word designating "more than angry?"
O'Reilly is responding to Colbert's broadside from last week, when he mocked his alter ego's comments about "equality . . ." Set aside the specifics of O'Reilly's complaints (see clip below) or the fairness of Colbert's representation of his position -- this is what Colbert does, and does on a regular basis.

click on the link below to see the whole story by Verne Gay in Newsday:


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