Apr 27, 2014

travel and Leisure and McDonalds........that's how to take a vacation

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.
English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
travel and Leisure and McDonalds........that's how to take a vacation:

click on this link below to see the best Spring road trips in the US:


McDonald's and rest areas are fabulous because one can eat on a budget, get free internet for your chromebook, make free phone calls on the chrombook, look at the map, etc. and their restrooms are always clean and usually open 24 hours.

No one has ever, ever said anything to me or given me a look for using the rest room without a purchase or resting in their parking lot.

Seriously, I love the place.

Ronnie can eat there inexpensively, as well.......he loves McDonald's, too, and starts crying when we get near the drive-up.

Filet-O-Fish Friday is our very best favorite.

The interstate rest areas are lovely for a nice dog walk, too.

Also, the people at Macs are friendly and let me use their electric plug to charge up my phone or chromebook.

I am really against paying a high price for the use of a cell phone--right, it's highway robbery........always shooting for free.

Ranting against cox cable, the biggest bait and switch in town, another time.
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