Apr 25, 2014

The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up with Rita Cosby

Have to say it.....Rita is good.......

Filling in for Geraldo Rivera this week on WABC New York.

Last week was very trying.....we had an angry man with wrong information.....that's never good is it.

Well, I guess WABC finally came to its senses and got some one in the same grain as their regular radio Rastafarian, Geraldo Rivera.

Rita Cosby, beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, talks to the callers, invites their opinions and, most importantly, does not freak out when they say something with an idea different from hers.

People, we have got to promote the political conversation--no one group or individual is ever all right or all wrong--even republicans.

Of course, Geraldo is the king of this radio magic....all of the big talkers call in and love to tell Geraldo everything on their mind....and all the New York neighbors call in, too.....as if they have been buddies with Geraldo forever.

This is refreshing in talk radio today--particularly on a right leaning station--it's a breath of fresh air to be cherished.

The radio should be free for everyone--a free distribution of news and information--opinion is fine, but not just one opinion.

Rita Cosby hits the nail on the head, too, and she would be the perfect fill-in until the return of Geraldo.

Where in the world is Geraldo Rivera--has he been taken hostage by Donald Trump.....is Geraldo fixing Donald's hair.

Will we ever know the answer to these questions........

Here's wishing the best to Geraldo and Rita---and missing the interesting insights from Bernie Kerik on Monday's with the Commish.

My question to Bernie--what is your take on police traffic officers wearing cameras in light of recent accusations of officers taking advantage of ladies on traffic stops---this was suggested in San Diego after three incidents.  The department was also taken over by Zimmerman--the first female chief of police in San Diego.

What do you think Bernie?

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